New Directions Bristol go Back to School for Charity

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Comic relief came around again last month, that wonderful time of year when the whole country indulges in ridiculous behaviour to raise money for a good cause. With those two aims in mind, New Directions Education Bristol put their education specialism to good use and staged a “back to school” day. Complete with a strict uniform dress code and a number of school lessons and tests throughout the day administered by Manager / Headmistress Lisa Blakeman.

She commented ‘We wanted a chance to do something funny for money and I though the best way to do that would be to take all the boys in the office back to school for the day’.

All members of the office took part in basic mathematics and english tests, and after a hearty indulgent pizza lunch the team were surprised by Mrs Blakeman giving them their next assignment- a PE lesson consisting of a press up challenge. This proved to the team that though they may be young and lively at heart they are unfortunately rather old in body. Lisa added ‘As Headmistress, I didn’t feel it necessary to take part in the press-up challenge, it was more my job to oversee the activity!’.

After going through an extensive marking process, primary account manager Neil Curtis secured his position as head boy, coming top in all the tests, and to top off a great day they collected £85.33 from other offices in the building.

School head reviews the days results...
School head reviews the days results…