May Temp of the Month 2013 – New Directions Manchester

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New Directions Senior Secondary Education Consultant – Amanda Stothard visit Broad Oak Primary School in Manchester to present one of New Directions Manchester’s most experienced primary teachers with ‘Temp of the Month’ award for May 2013. Stephen Bush was surprised at having received the award and commented ‘I really appreciate it.

Broad Oak Primary School’s Deputy Head Richard Osler said of Stephen ‘He’s helped the school out of a difficult situation and has restored stability to a class of children who have had to endure some pretty unsettling changes. He’s popular with our staff and most importantly the children and parents. We’ve received a number of comments from parents saying how happy their children are in his class. Also, he has taken on a number of challenging new initiatives with enthusiasm and his classroom is exemplary. He takes all feedback on board, meets deadlines and is a team player. He also worked really hard for us when Ofsted visited’.

Amanda Stothard went into the classroom to present the award. Amanda said ‘I was extremely excited to award Stephen Bush with Temp of the Month. It was a real pleasure to present it whilst he was teaching in the classroom. It was really nice to witness first hand Stephen working really hard in the classroom and really engaging with the children. It was obvious the children loved him. He has definitely deserved this award and I would like to thank him for all his hard work and dedication. A real pleasure to work with’.

Congratulations to Stephen on receiving the award from all at New Directions Manchester Office. Further congratulations for securing a permanent role at Broad Oak Primary School for September 2013.