New Directions Education ‘Take The Biscuit’ at Mary Immaculate High School

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Every year, Mary Immaculate school hold a senior citizens party.  The school use the event as an opportunity to give something back to the community as a thank-you for all of their support.  Both the senior citizens and students  look forward to the event and it continues to grow in success year on year with nearly 120 people attending!  New Directions Education donated some chocolate biscuit boxes to be given to the senior citizens at the end of the party.

Marc Belli Headteacher at the school commented “The event gives our children the opportunity to show their appreciation of our local senior citizens by treating them as VIP’s for the day.  It gives them the chance to understand the role  they have in our society and an awareness of showing concern for others”.

New Directions Account Manager Phil Indge visited the school to present the gifts to Dee Davison (Business Manager, left) and Julie Oakley (Receptionist, right).  Phil was delighted to be asked to be involved and said “It was great to do something like this for local senior citizens.  I remember when my grandmother used to attend similar events and it always put a smile on her face, she loved talking about how nice the pupils were with the older generation”.

Dee Davison Business Manager at the school added “A huge thank you to New Directions Education for their kind donation.  They have been excellent at supporting us with our staffing needs and continue to be our number one choice”.

The Senior citizens party will be held on the 18th December and Phil and all of the team at New Directions hope the party goes well this year and continues to be a hugely popular success in the future.