Pupil Perspective – What I like about school…

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Thoughts and comments from the young people of St. Cenydd Community High School.

I enjoy going to school because I like to see my different friends! I also enjoy going to school because I get along with most of the teachers which makes me enjoy my lessons more. I also like going to school for our P.E lesson because it keeps me active which gives me a better lifestyle. P.E also helps me make new friends by communicating with different pupils in my class.
I like one of my teachers and her teaching because she’s helped me gain new skills which helped me develop in other subjects as well.
However, there is a weakness about the school. There should be longer break times so I get longer to socialize.

Lowri Evans 7E

I have been attending St. Cenydd since 2011. I enjoy school and like most of my lessons. My favourite subject (since year 7) is English and recently History. I like English because in year 7 I had a teacher who really sparked my interest in English and she really helped me to get to my target level and then higher. I like History because this year I have just realized how interesting it can be. I realised that having a good teacher is very important. She is so nice and makes us get on with our work, but she does let us play games and she helps us so much. I also love art because it helps you just take a break and just let your emotions out onto pen and paper and the teachers are always nice and helpful in art.

I like the food in school. I loved (and so did everyone else!) the sausage rolls at break-time, but at the beginning of year 8 they were not on the menu anymore. I like Pizza’s also. I like and get along with all of my classmates and everyone is kind and respectful towards each other in my year. In conclusion, I like school.

Billy Maton 9C

I thought school at St. Cenydd was different at first because I didn’t know anything or anyone there. But, I happily settled in and managed to find my way around the school. St. Cenydd is a massive difference to Primary School. The food here is amazing and healthy at the same time. Since year 7 I have moved forms 3 times! But no matter what form I move to, my favourite subject is Art and Home Economics! These subjects are my favourite because it gives me a chance to be creative and unique with my ideas and make them my own. I’m very good at art and I take my time to put the littlest detail in. I am hoping to take art as my main GCSE and aspire to continue it in my working years ahead of me. I also like Home Economics because it is about 80% practical and it gives you an idea to be one of a kind with different ingredients. However, I also like Welsh. This is because Wales is my hometown Nation. I think it is a very proud thing to do to learn Welsh, be a part of my hometown and get involved. Other subjects I like include; Math’s, English, I.C.T, French and R.E. This is because it includes a lot of general knowledge.

Even though I like a lot of subjects here in St. Cenydd, I have some problems with specific subjects, e.g. Science. This is because Science is a lot of problem solving and writing. I have problems with putting my words into sentences. I rush a lot to make sure I am the first to finish and I don’t even check my answers through thoroughly.

In my 3 years of being here in St. Cenydd I have enjoyed my time and I am surprised of how fast my time here has gone. I’m looking forward to my journey into KS4 and my future ahead. One thing I am sad about is the food that has sadly departed us (sausage rolls). But one thing I am so looking forward to is the new uniforms in year 10. It gives you a lot of respect and dignity throughout the rest of the school as a whole.

Rebecca Joyce 9C