Why Supply? #NSTW

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As we enter the second day of National Supply Teacher Week, we continue to celebrate the wonderful work our supply team carry out across the UK. Today we hear from Jade in West Wales who loves the variety afforded to her by supply work.

Why did you choose supply teaching?

I chose supply teaching because there were not the opportunities for teaching available on a more permanent basis. I decided to try supply and have not looked back since. I really enjoy supply teaching and the variety of schools I get to work with.

What is your favourite aspect of supply teaching?

My favourite aspect is that you are constantly learning. Every school and teacher has different methods of teaching. As a supply teacher I get to observe different practices and methods which helps me gain ideas and experience.

Would you recommend supply teaching, and why?

I would definitely recommend supply teaching, and especially to NQT’s. The experiences you gain working in different schools provides you with an all-round experience. You also get the chance to work in areas you may not have considered, I am currently working as a SENCO for a school, and this has come as a direct result of me gaining experience of working with children with autism. I don’t feel that I would have got this opportunity had I been working as a permanent member of staff.

What is the biggest challenge facing supply teachers?

I have been really lucky with the schools and agency I work with, I don’t think that I have had any issues. I have always had regular work and can choose when I want to work.

Tell us about your favourite supply teaching assignment…

I think my favourite has to be my current assignment. I have worked at the school before and I always feel very welcomed when I come back. The reason this school is one of my favourites is because I have learnt so much by working here, I got the opportunity to work with children who have autism which has been really rewarding. I work with the children in small groups and to see how far they have come is unbelievable.

Jade, West Wales