Inspirational Teaching Awards 2014 – Pete Walford

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After winning the Special Educational Needs Teacher Award at the Inspirational Teaching Awards 2014, Pete Walford invited New Directions Education to visit him at The Court School and see him in action. Jon Evans, Branch Manager and Jess Sibley Principal Account Manager were met by Pete and Head Teacher Mr Peter Owen who gave them a guided tour of the school where they also got to meet the school chickens.

Jon and Jess were then fortunate enough to observe Pete in his classroom interacting with the children. Jon commented “It was wonderful to visit the school and see one of our winning teachers in action. Pete used a range of methods to engage the children including puppets. You can clearly see Pete has a passion for teaching, and I can understand why he was nominated for the Awards.”

Mr Peter Owen added “I am immensely proud of Peter, and the environment he has created within the learning foundation phase especially within his team. Pete deals with highly, challenging behaviour on a daily basis and achieves considerable success with all of his young, vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils. We had a wonderful time at the Inspirational Teaching Awards 2014 and would like to thank New Directions for their hospitality.”

Jess and Jon also spoke to Pete about the experience of being nominated and winning the Award.

Congratulations on winning your Award, can you tell me how you felt about being nominated for the Award?
When I found out I was nominated I was shocked but felt extremely proud for the school as well as my class, it is lovely to be recognised.

How did it feel to actually win?
When I found out I had won I was completely shocked, it was marvellous to win. Not just for me but for everyone at the school.

Did you enjoy the Awards evening?
The Awards evening was very good, I loved it. I would like to thank New Directions Education for their hospitality. We had lovely people on our table where we felt relaxed and comfortable for the entire evening.

Do you feel it is important to recognise the work that goes on in our schools?
I think it is really important to recognise the good work that goes on in our schools, it is really important.

What qualities to do you think an inspirational teacher has?
The qualities for an inspirational teacher are that you must be hardworking, you have to love and enjoy what you do, as the children will pick up on your attitude. Also have the support of a brilliant team around you.

How do you feel the Award will impact on your career?
It is nice to win but I love my job so much I will carry on as before.

What are your future plans?
My future plans are to carry on the job I am doing.

What would you say to others who might be thinking about nominating someone for the 2015 Awards?
I would say you should definitely nominate someone if you feel that they are inspirational.  The nomination creates a real buzz around the school and everyone has had a positive attitude towards it.

Will you be nominating someone for the 2015 Awards?
Yes, I will definitely be nominating for the 2015 Awards, I already know who I will be nominating.