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On 12th March 2015 New Directions Education launched our annual Inspirational Teaching Awards. This event celebrates all that is outstanding within the education sector across Wales. The awards a sponsored by some key partners to the education sector, and this year we are delighted to be working with The Consortium. The business has been serving organisations and businesses delivering public services for over 40 years. They currently work with over 25,000 customers from the education, early years and care sectors providing them with all the supplies and services they need to operate on a daily basis. The business also have many customers from local government, the emergency services, churches, voluntary groups and charities.

We asked the team a few key questions surrounding their participation with the Inspirational Teaching Awards…

How did you get involved with the Inspirational Teaching Awards?

We were approached by New Directions to ask if we were interested in supporting these awards and, having provided goods and services across Wales for over 40 years of course we were!

Why did you get involved with the awards?

We are always looking for ways in which we can support our customers and recognise and celebrate the fantastic work that they do on a day-to-day basis. Being involved in the awards provides us with this opportunity and we’re delighted to be part of this exciting event.

We anticipate that the awards evening will be a truly inspirational evening and the launch event featuring the incredibly talented local Choirs was a tremendous kick off.

Why did you select the category ‘Primary Teacher’ as the one to sponsor?

It was a difficult decision because there are so many worthwhile categories however we work with a number of primary school teachers across Wales and know that the competition will be exhilarating!

How does your team support the education community?

We aim to ensure that all of our team understand our customers’ needs and make their daily lives as easy as possible. We do this across all departments from sourcing products to presenting them, to working with expert partners to provide advice and guidance to assist teachers in delivering the curriculum.

We’re also privileged to have been awarded the contract for supplying schools and colleges across Wales through the Welsh Purchasing Consortium contract enabling us to provide the best choice, value and service possible.

Tell us about your most inspirational Teacher

There are so many inspirational teachers, it would be impossible for us to name just one! We are delighted to be working with New Directions to support the best in teaching across Wales and look forward to hearing all of the inspirational stories from the award evening.

Take a look at The Consortium Education Catalogue for 2015…

Consortium Catalogue image 2015