Creating a buzz in schools around Cardiff

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New Directions are proud to be sponsoring the Pollen8 project. A government funded project through Cardiff University. They are aiming to donate to many Primary Schools in the Cardiff area a free bee hive and bees, also offering training and profit from the honey they produce. The aim of the project is to educate the pupils on life within the hives and how bees work together to create the honey.

Julian Rees of Pollen8 Cymru: “The opportunity to show local children fully ‘operational’ beehives is incredible; the students have an amazing fascination of these tiny creatures.”

Mrs Davies – Forest School Leader at Llanishen Fach Primary “we’re really excited to be part of this project and I’m hoping we can set up some sort of info and knowledge sharing group with our fellow schools as well as (eventually) a honey co-operative where we could share the cost of extraction equipment. I look forward to working with you as this project unfolds.”

Bee facts:

  • “88% of consumers said they were more likely to buy from a company that supports and engages in activities to improve society.” – Better Business Journey, UK Business Consortium
  • Bees, as the world’s most prolific plant pollinators, play a central role in the evolution, diversity, survival and success of the world’s flora upon which so many organisms rely. The world’s bees together constitute a major factor in assuring the future of the Earth’s vegetation and as such play a critical part in mankind’s endeavours to achieve sustainable development – an industry estimated to be worth $217 billion worldwide.