A blog from Burge – Day three is here… #menofharlech

Day two hit really hard. It started exceptionally high with a tremendous launch in Aberystwyth from Ysgol Penweddig. The PE team and school staff were brilliant at getting our spirits focused for the task ahead.

With around 65 miles facing us and over 4,000 feet of climbs this part of the route was certainly not for the faint hearted. Blistered, battered but utterly brave my fantastic team mates showed strength of character that quite frankly rivalled the recent Welsh international football team.

It really brings it home to me out on the road the support we all give each other not just today, but every day in our normal lives. The human spirit is a thing of wonder…I appreciate I am beginning to sound a little sentimental, but it really is true. I think about the support I have had throughout my life – from my parents, wife, friends and colleagues – it is often their strength that has given me mine.

The reason this has popped into my thoughts out on this very long (and winding) road – in the actual physical sense is related to the work that the Cardiff City FC Foundation do within our communities. The dedication they give to ensuring better lives, hopes and aspirations for young people is to be applauded. One interaction with a foundation programme for a young person could really inspire them to want more, to achieve more, to be more.

So once more – if you see us on the long and winding road from Llanelli to our final destination of Cardiff City Stadium, give us one hell of a cheer. Today we launch from Stebonheath Primary School where I know the head – Julian and all of his pupils will give us just the final push we need to get us to the finish line.

Today I am thankful – for support in everything I do.