Raising Money for the Herbert Thompson Gardening Club Fund

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Herbert Thompson Primary School were looking to develop their green spaces around the school’s foundation phase classes.

As budgets were tight at the school, Jen George and Jen Lambert offered to do some fund raising in the form of a ‘Cheeky’ Tuck Shop in the Head Office.

Our staff we very happy to donate to the Herbert Thompson Gardening Club Fund as they munched on sweets, crisps and chocolate. Both Jens arranged an Easter ‘Bake Off’ where their colleagues made cakes and were judged on taste, appearance and textures by our own Mary Berry.

The total raised was nearly £130 and so New Directions offered to donate the rest of the money required to purchase resources, plants, feeder trays, compost and plant boxes for the school.

Staff at Herbert Thompson School commented, “We are so grateful to New Directions for their amazing fundraising that has allowed us to develop our school garden. The children have been so excited to be involved with the project, and loved meeting Jen and Jen when they came to join us. The project is engaging and inclusive and has provided the opportunity for experiential learning throughout. The children have learned about looking after their environment, using all their senses to explore the garden and have taken great care in nurturing the seeds they have planted. We have been able to use the garden as an inspirational outdoor classroom across all our subject areas and look forward to watching it continue to bloom over the coming months. Thank you so much New Directions, this wonderful experience wouldn’t have been possible without you.”

Jon Evans  – Branch Manager at the Additional Learning Needs Team, Cardiff comments, “We were really pleased to have been asked to support such a fantastic project. All the foundation phase children are benefiting from the resources and it was my pleasure to have been a part of it.”