Swimming as a Life Skill in Schools

Individual swimming in pool

Swimming is often described as a ‘life skill’. Swimming and water safety is currently included within the national curriculum (in England), with the objective being that all children should be able to leave primary school with the ability to swim and how to stay safe in the water. Source: Swim England.

Swim England also reports that 31% of year 6 pupils leave primary school without the minimum swimming ability and water safety skills.

In Wales Swim Wales has the commitment of all 22 local authorities for the ‘Every Child a Swimmer’ initiative. Swimming is also a part of the curriculum for the country which is renowned for its lakes, rivers and surrounding seas. The body goes on to report that around 400 people a year in the UK lose their life after getting in to difficulties in water.

We spoke to some of our teams across the UK to discuss the importance of swimming for young people.

No Fear

Anna Powell who works with primary schools across Swansea and the surrounding areas recounts her memories of learning to swim at school.

“I can just about remember my swimming lessons in one of our Swansea Primary Schools fondly known as Pennard Puddle (it’s still there), I was about seven or eight years old at the time.
I think it is really important that children are encouraged to swim at an early age because they do not have any pre-conceived fear about the water. Not only that – it also helps them foster a love of being active.

Dive Right In…

Ruth Dalton, Group Head of Communications and Marketing for New Directions talks about how important swimming was as part of her childhood.

“As a youngster I suffered with severe asthma. My doctor at the time recommended to my parents that I would benefit from attending swimming lessons – aerobic exercise to ensure my lungs could work at full capacity. I started lessons privately by the age of around five.
When the time came to attend the lessons with my primary school I was confident and able to support those who had a little trepidation about getting in the water. Swimming became a very big part of my family’s life. I have now extended the importance of getting in the water to my own son, and I very much hope that by school age he will have the same confidence to dive right in to all that swimming lessons with his class mates has to offer”.

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise individuals of all ages can take part in. Our team fully supports opportunities for all in the pool for schools across England and Wales. Our team is dedicated to to sports initiatives within the schools and colleges we work to support. Read more here…