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Setting Sail in #Swansea…a blog by Omar Salmman

Faced with the prospect of writing a ‘blog’ post for our social media accounts, I thought yes…I can do this. I am full of commentary about life, football and all things Swansea (my new work place home).

I love my job (most of the time), I am passionate about the things that matter – Cardiff City FC, West Wales and of course, I love a challenge.

Last year I travelled across Europe (dipping in and out when work permitted) following the quite frankly marvellous rise and rise of the Welsh Football Team. From the night we ‘Stunned the World in Lille’ (Telegraph) to our gracious exit at the semi-finals in Lyon – I was proud.

I was proud, a bit exhausted and emotionally wrecked, but somewhere along that journey I developed a renewed sense of passion for all things Welsh. If the trip had given me anything to reflect upon, it opened my eyes to the possibilities of what can happen when we all come together and unite.

Back at my desk and I was faced with a new challenge. Swansea. The second of our Welsh offices to open for the New Directions Social Care brand. I accepted. Having lived in Cardiff for nine years and spent the earlier part of my life in Carmarthenshire, Swansea was somewhat of an unknown entity. The Welsh second city in many respects.
My mantra – ‘bring on the challenge…’

The city was the first in Wales to have its own monopoly board…if this was my lead, then I was ready to put New Directions Social Care Swansea on the map (I know…I cringed myself typing that). So, we have our home right opposite the train station. There are two of us, and we are ready to work to support a sector we care passionately about – Social Care. Much like the Welsh football team, the sector is dogged with cynicism, but I have a good feeling about the future.

We are an award-winning organisation (we even have a trophy cabinet…oh yes) and we are keen to develop everyone we work with – from accredited training opportunities to matching shifts to lifestyles, we are here.

So, if you haven’t already had a conversation with us and you want to work with an ambitious team, get in touch. From adult care to supporting those with learning difficulties – our vacancies are plentiful and varied. Plus, I need a full education on all things Swansea, top tips appreciated.


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