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Cyfarthfa High School Centenary 2013

Cyfarthfa high school is approaching its centenary in 2013 and the school is looking to celebrate this in a number of ways. In January 2013 the castle school will be 100 years old. As part of the celebrations for this centenary a book about the school will be published. The book will contain chapters on how the school first sited in Cyfarthfa Castle, how the boys’ and girls’ schools were merged, the change from grammar to a comprehensive school, and the move to Cae Mari Dwn. There will be accounts of sporting and artistic achievements, pen portraits of well-known former pupils, and reminiscences by former pupils and teachers. There will also be plenty of photographs.

If any former pupil would like to write about his or her time at the school, whether at the Castle or Cae Mari Dwn, please put pen to paper or fingers to word processor. There is no guarantee that every contribution will be printed but we are anxious to have as wide a selection of memories as possible.

Contributions should be sent to:-

Joe England (The Editor),
Care of Cyfarthfa High School,
Cae Mari Dwn
Queens Road,
CF47 0LS

Or to Alan Pritchard, the head teacher, at the same address.


  1. Simonclarke says:


    I am a governor for William Barnes primary school in Sturminster Newton Dorset its our centenary in 2013 would like to share ideas etc?

    Simon Clarke

  2. John Arbuthnott says:

    For Joe England: I have been looking for an ebook version of the Centenary Book you have been creating. I am told none us available (yet). The British Monarchy, believed by some to be bastions of conservatism and tradition, will be making this year’s Christmas address in 3D. Cyfarthfa, symbol of a vision of the future in what was the most important and wealthiest centre in Wales, and a powerhouse of launching Welsh talent on the world, is celebrating its illustrious past in traditional print!

    Joe, please make whatever arrangements are required to at least make this book available as a downloadable PDF, even if you don’t publish it as an ebook. Cyfarthfa should continue to have powerful links with the future!