The Good Life for Pupils at Llanrhidian Primary

Lucky pupils at a Swansea school are being given the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom due to the introduction of a mini farm on the school grounds.

Llanrhidian Primary have introduced ducks and chickens to a previously unused area of their grounds, and in addition the children are also working with a local farmer to grow vegetables which are then either cooked in school or sold at a farmers market at the school.

The farm developed out of a need to make better use of the school grounds and was started when a local farmer donated some duck eggs, some of which hatched into ducklings. This was soon followed by the donation of some chickens and a pond being dug.

The farm has proved to have huge benefits to the children, learning many new skills without even realising it. It has been the childrens responsibility to maintain and care for the farm and the animals housed on it. It has also become an area where children can be taken if they are upset as it has been found that being around the animals has a calming effect.