New Directions Birmingham at ASCL 3rd Annual Business Management Conference

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New Directions Education has a stand at today’s much anticipated ASCL Business Management Conference. The event, opened by Joan McVittie, ASCL President will spend the day focusing primarily on cost-cutting exercises. Attended by the regions education Business Managers, the drive will be to address efficiency, value and leading change.

Bal Lolay, Branch Manager for New Directions Birmingham comments: ‘This is a really innovative forum for discussion. We have all of the business managers from across the region together, and hopefully we can identify some key areas of best practice. New Directions are here to support as one of the UK’s premier education recruitment and training agencies. We hope to support driving efficiency in spend, but understand the need to never compromise on quality.

The event will run two workshops for colleagues to discuss change and development within the education sector.

Plenary and closing remarks will be offered by Val Andrew, ASCL Business Management Specialist and Malcolm Trobe, ASCL Deputy General Secretary (policy).