‘Donate a Day’ with Llanishen Fach Primary

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Staff from New Directions Education have recently been volunteering at Local schools as part of their ‘Donate a Day’ Campaign. The campaign has seen staff from various offices go out to local schools to help with a variety of different activities.

Rachel Bourne Account Manager at New Directions Education volunteered at Llanishen Fach Primary, last week the year two class at Llanishen Fach Primary went to St Fagans.  Rachel Bourne from the Secondary Desk offered to come along to help out with the class trip.

Whilst on the trip the class met Beti Bwt and learned all about how clothes were washed in the ‘olden days.’The children were also given the opportunity to try washing Grandma Bwt’s bloomers and squeeze them dry through Beti’s mangle which the children really enjoyed.

After lunch the class walked around St Fagans village to take a closer look at the shops and find out more about what they sold. The children also got to see the animals in the farmers fields including pigs, cows and sheep.

Pupils also got a chance to see a row of houses, each one more modern than the previous one. The children were surprised at how different the homes were from our modern homes with one pupil exclaiming ‘no one had SKY TV’

Lastly, the class had a chance to play in the playground (which most we’re very excited about!) to let off some steam. Before they all piled back onto the coach singing B-I-N-G-O all the way back to school.

Rachel thoroughly enjoyed the day and  commented ‘The trip was a big success and the children learned a lot about history and how things have changed over the years, it was also an opportunity for me to experience working with children firsthand to see what the challenges are and how we can support the schools we work with. I also got to appreciate how rewarding it can be to work with children and see things that we take for granted with fresh eyes. I really enjoyed my experience and would like to thank Mrs Phillips and Mrs Juniper for all their help.

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