Life through Llangyfelach Primary’s TV

Llangyfelach Primary School has recently purchased an innovative Life TV funded by the PTA in order for parents to see what the children learn and as a state of the art communications system.

The main TV is held in a weatherproof case on the school yard and there are smaller TV’s placed around the school. The TV’s are a great way for interaction between staff, pupils and parents as videos can be recorded on an IPad and then played on the TV’s. The children have recorded lessons which were then played during break times in order to promote literacy, numeracy and sustainable energy awareness.

As well as recording their learning experiences they have also recorded fun activities to complete out on the yard, including recording their own exercise video which was then played on the schoolyard where everyone was able to join in with the routine. Life TV has also provided a selection of footage which the school can play.

The Tv’s also have a messaging facility which the secretary updates with relevant information about upcoming events for parents. All staff, pupils and parents of Llangyfelach Primary are delighted with their new Life TV. They are the first Swansea school to get a Life TV, many schools in the surrounding area are keen to view it as well. 

Michelle Thorne Account Manager at New Directions Education who works closely with the school providing teaching staff commented “The school are really pleased with their Life TV and I can see why, The TV can be used across a variety of lessons from science to physical education. Schools have to adapt to new ways of learning as technology is constantly updating, I am looking forward to hearing more about what the Tv is used for and how creative the children can be.”tv 2