Guest Blog – When I’m older I want to be…

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When I’m older I would like to be a vet like my father. I have always grown up with animals and when they are sick it makes me want to help and care for them. The best part about wanting to be a vet is seeing all of the happy owners after their pet gets better but the worst part is having to put them in cages because they look sad.

Sarah Holland, Year 4

I want to be a scientist when I am older because my school has made it really fun by letting us do experiments and my teacher makes it fun and interesting. My favourite experiment was finding out how hot it has to be for chocolate to melt. We had white and milk chocolate which meant that we could eat it all after we had finished. Another fun lesson was when we learned how to make a tornado in a bottle!

James Daniels, Year 6

When I grow up I want to be a teacher because the teachers I have are really kind and smart. I like to draw so I would teach art because it lets me be creative and do things that I probably couldn’t do at home. All of the teachers in my school are good friends and are always happy which looks like fun. They help me with my work and so when I’m older I hope I can do the same.

Sophie Jones, Year 5