Acton Park Primary School Summer Fayre

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Acton Park Primary School had their Summer Fayre on Saturday 5th July, arranged by their PTA. It was a beautiful sunny day and the turnout was fantastic. There were Shetland pony rides which seemed to be popular and very reasonably priced at £2 per go. There was also miniature golf, cake and sweet stalls, raffle, etc. The school are awaiting confirmation of money raised on the day, but early figures suggest that they day was an overall success.

The PTA have handed out forms to the parents to see what they would like to see happen with the funds raised.

Kathryn Jones, from the PTA has worked with New Directions on temporary supply for the past few months and has been a valued member of staff. She has excelled in her role at one of our high schools and has now been offered a permanent job.  Kathryn had asked New Directions to sponsor one of the stalls and donate a raffle prize, which our team were more than happy to do.

We bought a tablet for their main prize for the raffle and sponsored the raffle stall. It was a lovely day and we were happy to be part of it. Shelley Nicholls, who looks after Teaching Assistants in Wrexham and Flintshire Primary Schools is photographed above at the Raffle Stall.