Carol Edwards – an interview – New Directions Inspitational Teaching Award Winner

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Congratulations on winning your award, can you tell us how you felt about being nominated for the award?

I was quite surprised to be nominated; initially I felt quite calm about it but as the Awards got nearer and I found out more about the event I felt pleased. There is no better accolade than being recognised by your peers. I felt privileged to be representing the school, the award may have been given to me but I am nothing without my team. Everyone works really hard at the school so it was nice for our work to be recognised.

How did it feel to actually win?

I was completely overwhelmed, excited and amazed. To be recognised for a job you love doing is wonderful. Everyone at the school works hard and it was exciting for everyone at the school.  Recognition like this inspires you to do even more.

Did you enjoy the Awards evening?

The Awards evening was an amazing event. I was unsure what the event would be like as I had not attended before. It was a lot bigger than I expected, there was a definite feel good factor and buzz at the Awards. We also got to meet new people working in the education sector and had the opportunity to talk about our schools.

Do you feel it is important to recognise the work that goes on in our schools?

I feel it is important, working at a school you get to see the difference you can make to a young person’s life. We all remember teachers from our school days that had a positive impact on our lives; we aim to help all the pupils in our school with their journeys and that is really satisfying.  Getting the recognition from outside the school is wonderful.

What qualities to do you think an inspirational teacher has?

I think you can tell when you are in the presence of an inspirational teacher; they are creative, knowledgeable, dynamic and have compassion.

They are also charismatic and can engage pupils, and almost appear spellbinding. Inspiring teachers are brave and are not afraid to try something new. They inspire everyone around them and make a difference in a child’s life.

How do you feel the Award will impact on your career?

I think as I am coming up to the end of my career, I see the award as the icing on the cake. I am really proud of receiving the award for doing something I love.

What are your future plans?

To carry on the work we are already doing at the school. We are committed to giving the pupils at our school the best opportunities. We want them to leave school and live as independently as possible.

What would you say to others who might be thinking about nominating someone for the 2015 Awards?

If there is someone who deserves to be recognised I think they should nominate them. If you work with someone who someone who inspires you and you are thinking about nominating them, I would say do it. The buzz and the feel good factor a nomination can create in the school is amazing.

Will you be nominating someone for the 2015 Awards?

I will definitely be nominating, there are some very inspirational people who are dedicated to their jobs who deserve the recognition.