John Healy – an interview – New Directions Inspirational Teaching Award Winner

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Congratulations on winning your award, can you tell me how you felt about being nominated?

I was really proud and grateful to have been nominated; it is always lovely to be appreciated especially by your peers.

How did it feel to actually win?

I was very excited and proud to win the award; it was a lovely moment for me and the team at the school. I felt a real sense of achievement.

Did you enjoy the Awards evening?

I really enjoyed the evening, the atmosphere was lovely. New Directions really made us feel welcomed. The tone of the evening felt celebratory but relaxed. It was also good opportunity to meet others from the teaching profession.

Do you feel it is important to recognise the work that goes on in our schools?

Yes it is really important; unfortunately there can be a tendency to focus on the negatives of the public sector at times. There is a lot of good work that goes on within our schools, teachers, headteachers and support staff work extremely hard. Recognising and celebrating that is vitally important.

What qualities to do you think an inspirational teacher has?

I think an inspirational teacher is someone who works with their colleagues, pupils and the local community to facilitate relationships. They also need to be good listener and be empathetic. Inspirational teachers have to be able to build confidence and self-esteem in pupils. It is also important for them to celebrate successes.

How do you feel the award will impact on your career?

I think the award certainly has a feel good factor to it, which makes you feel more positive.

What are your future plans?

I will be going back to my role working in consortia with five local authorities, focussing on school improvement.

What would you say to others who might be thinking about nominating someone for the 2015 Awards?

If there is someone you think deserves to be recognised you should nominate them. It is an opportunity to share best practice and acknowledge success.

Will you be nominating someone for the 2015 Awards?

I would definitely nominate someone for the Awards, there are a lot of deserving teaching staff.