Meet Mushpop…The New Directions Liverpool Team Mascot

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Mushpops is a very rare blue and orange sock monkey. He joined the New Directions Liverpool Team in 2014. Mushpops has fitted in extremely well with his cheeky smile and his love of all things education. He likes to visit schools and meet new school children who share his love of learning. Mushpops is not afraid of the camera and loves to have his picture taken.

Likes: bananas, The Vamps, whistling, reading, poetry and hanging with other sock puppets.

Dislikes: smelly socks, celery, sock drawers and grumpy people.

The challenge

New Directions Education would like to introduce Mushpops to as many school children across Merseyside as possible. We would like to invite you all to take a picture of Mushpops in your school doing something you guys do every day.

• Would he like a school dinner in your canteen?
• How would he like the books in your library?
• Perhaps he could join you in a PE lesson?

If your school would like the opportunity to win a digital camera – then get snapping!

The Rules

1) Take a picture with the sock monkey provided by your New Directions Liverpool Team and email to: [email protected]
2) Ensure that the title of the email reads ‘Sock Monkey Selfie’
3) Closing date – Wednesday 10th December 2014
4) Winner to be announced Friday 12th December 2014
5) Presentation to winning school 15th/16th December 2014
6) Schools from the Merseyside area are eligible for entry only.