New Directions Liverpool Employee of the Month – February

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This month the Liverpool team have awarded their ‘Employee of the Month’ award to a much respected teacher, who has worked with the business for over five years.

Speaking about why she was selected Laura, her Account Manager says ‘Rebecca is an excellent teacher and thoroughly deserves her teacher of the month status. She currently in a long term placement at a primary school in Liverpool where she is very much appreciated’.

Rebecca said of the award ‘It was such a lovely surprise to end the week with. When I went back in to the classroom after Laura’s visit, my kids were made up to have their own teacher of the month. They thought it was brilliant!”

Laura adds ‘Looking after Rebecca has been great, as she is always requested back to our schools and is extremely reliable. I am so pleased for Rebecca gaining her long term and hope this leads to bigger and better things for her future. She is a pleasure to work with and I have high hopes for her future within teaching’.