Singapore Education Ministry Visits Liverpool School

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Delegates from the Singapore Ministry for Education have visited the Royal School for the Blind in Liverpool.

The visit was conducted as a fact finding mission for the delegates, who included Dr Chong Suet Ling (Lead specialist, Special Education Branch, Ministry of Education Singapore), Ms Teo Pek Wan (Senior Assistant Director, NCSS) and Mr Chua Yew Sein Michael (Special Education Officer, SE Branch, Ministry of Education, Singapore).

The team visited staff and students at the Wavertree school to gain insight into the education of young people who have a visual impairment here in the UK. The party enjoyed a tour of the school by Head Teacher Paul Boulton and Chief Executive Mr J Byrne.

Staff and students spoke with the officials about the school curriculum, accreditation, resources, accommodation, assistive technology, vocational studies and school-life-planning for students with varying levels of need.

It is hoped that the officials can mirror some of the good practice back at schools in Singapore.

The school held a special assembly for the visitors where students shared their learning about life in Singapore. Pupils were delighted to explain their favourite find about one university in the country which dispenses free coke if you give it a hug!

In return for the hospitality they received, Dr Chong Suet Ling and the team presented the staff and students at the school with gifts including a book about special education in Singapore, a coaster made by adults with additional learning needs and special resource packs for school classes and the residential unit.