Tranmere Rovers first Tournament kicks off!

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This week Jen Morrison, Account Manager from New Directions Wirral office has been busy visiting Wirral and Cheshire Primary schools who are competing in the Tranmere Rovers Football tournament on Friday 2nd October 2015. For the past couple of years, New Directions has been working closely with Tranmere Rovers in the community in supporting this fantastic opportunity for local primary schools to show case their football whilst enjoying a bit of healthy competition.

Jen was accompanied by New Directions Business Development Officer, Sue Abrahams who really enjoyed seeing the positivity which was evident in each school. Sue commented ‘All schools are really excited to be taking part and hoping to do well. It really is a great community project’.

During their visits with each school, quotes were taken from a mix of headteachers, pupils and PE coordinators. Here are the first set of quotes taken prior to Friday’s first game.

Sandbrook Primary ‘We’re looking forward to testing ourselves against other teams. We will learn a lot from just taking Part’. – Mr Atkinson, teacher and Mr Railton t/assistant

Somerville Primary ‘This is a great opportunity for our children to be recognised for what they achieve out of school. We can’t wait to come and do our absolute best and represent our school’. – Diane Renshaw, PE Coodinator

Woodchurch C of E Primary ‘Come on Woodchurch C of E, be the best that you can be’. – Mr McGregor, Headteacher

St Bridgets Ce Primary ‘Looking forward to our team working together and enjoying their football’. – Ryan Neal , Football Coach

Devonshire Park Primary ‘Whenever we take part in events, firstly we want to enjoy ourselves and then we want to win!’. – Pupil

‘When you hear the name of Tranmere Rovers, it makes you play well, it motivates us to get to the final and win. Being a fan gives you a spark to win’. – Pupil

‘When you hear the name of Tranmere, because it is our local team, we will try harder to win this tournament’. – Pupil

Jen Morrison comments ‘This is the first set of games to be played so there are exciting times ahead. I cant wait to cheer on the teams on Friday – it is going to be fun!’.

The game takes part at Weatherhead High School on Friday 2nd October 2015 at 4pm.