Wrexham School Celebrates 17% Improved GCSE Performance

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Kathryn Pearson, Secondary Account Manager for New Directions Wrexham met with Darland High as the school celebrated their record breaking GCSE results.

A spokes person at the school told Kathryn “We are all thrilled. 73% of our Year 11 achieved five good GCSEs including English and Maths. This means that over the last two years, the school has improved its performance in this most important of indicators by 17%.

There were many outstanding performances, including Emily Holden and Blythe Hallam, both of Wrexham, who achieved 10 A*s each. Other notable performances were from Jake Aldridge (five A* and four As), Callum McClean (four A* and three As), Helen Owen and Harvey Craddock (both six As).

It’s a pleasure seeing the students reaping the rewards of their months of hard work. Staff and students alike deserve congratulations for their unrelenting focus over the past few months. We are particularly pleased that the percentage of students achieving five good GCSEs (with English and Maths) was the highest ever recorded at the school”.

Kathryn who works with the school supplying staffing solutions added “Working with Darland High School on a daily basis is fab. The Staff are always a pleasure to work with, and since I started 12 months ago I feel I really know the school, and there needs which makes it so much easier to work with them. Congratulations to everyone, these GCSE students are our future – Darland are shaping young minds and bright times ahead”.