End of Year Showcase for Cloughside

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Cloughside College in Prestwich, Manchester held an outstanding end of summer school event where pupils had an opportunity to showcase their work and Staff had a chance to share their academic yearly experience working at the school.

The evening was held in the college’s Junction 17 and The Gardener Unit. The occasion was attended by outside agencies, parents and partner schools and has been described by all involved as ‘an outright success’. Making his first official visit to Cloughside was the new Mayor of Bury, Mike Connolly and his Consort Ian Hargreaves. It was also Mike Connolly’s first official day as Mayor and the college explained how they felt very privileged to have him attend their open evening as his inaugural event.

Cassandra Summerton, Branch Manager for New Directions Manchester said of the event “I immediately warmed to the Cloughside College atmosphere with its friendly, welcoming staff and Honey the School dog. I thoroughly enjoyed the staff and student presentations and entertainment, everyone had worked very hard and it was nice to see the students rewarded with certificates for their achievements. I am grateful to have been invited and look forward to supporting and sponsoring any future events”.

Cloughside College is a hospital school for young people with mental health conditions. Students range in age from 11-19 years old – they enrol with the school only whilst they are patients of one of the two units – Junction 17 and the Gardener Unit, both based at Prestwich Hospital.

Speaking about the school and the end of year event a spokesperson said “We are very proud of all of our students’ achievements – many of them gaining GCSEs and A levels as well as other important qualifications, but more importantly overcoming a very difficult time in their lives. In a lot of ways our success is measured by the students’ discharges rather than the admissions. Our exam results are excellent and the transient nature of our school population means that we have an exciting mix of different exam boards and specifications for all subjects. We liaise closely with the schools and colleges that students have come from to ensure that their education provision is as continuous and seamless as possible. We are part of a huge team including doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, parents and carers, social workers and linked schools – all working together to support the students achieve their very best. Our students and hence their families can come from a very wide geographical area – up to nationwide locations due to the specialised nature of our units”.