Celebrating 20 years of the re-opening of The Brow C.P School

The Brow Community Primary School originally opened in September 1969, the first Primary school to be built to serve the initial population influx of the then newly established Runcorn New Town.

On the evening of Sunday 11th December 1994, The Brow C.P School was completely destroyed by a fire and 25 years of treasured memories, memento’s, staff possessions, children’s work, equipment and documentation perished in the flames.

Two years in exile followed at Norton Priory Comprehensive while Chair of Governors, Trevor Higginson led the battle to have The Brow rebuilt.

A new chapter in the history of The Brow C.P School began on Tuesday 10th September 1996 as the school re-opened two years after the blaze, welcoming both parents and children to the new building.

The weekend of 10th September 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of the re-opening of the school so once again children and parents gathered to join in the celebration.

“The day went really well, we couldn’t have asked for anything more. We were also very lucky with the weather as the morning clouds didn’t look to great. A big thank you to Lauran for coming along and giving us her free time to help run the penalty shoot out” Mrs Gibson, School office.

“We were delighted to be invited and join in the 20 year celebrations. We brought along the penalty shoot out to help raises money for the school. I feel being involved in events such as this is an important part of my role here at New Directions. I am excited to  continue working along side The Brow Community Primary this academic year” Lauran Collins, Recruitment Consultant, New Directions Education.

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