St Margaret Marys Junior School celebrate the Year of Mercy

St Margaret Marys Catholic Junior School offer an all round education that develops every aspect of the individual giving everyone the opportunity to reach their full potential.  They are a catholic faith school who live, love and grow as a Christian family while sharing their talents to enrich our lives and the lives of others.


The school gives off a warm and welcoming energy making you feel right at home the minute you step foot through reception.  I was shown around by Ruth Culley, Assistant Headteacher. To celebrate the Year of Mercy the school have a beautiful display that the children created.


First Ruth took me on an adventure their amazing Reading Pods which are inspirational making you feel relaxed and happy as you are surrounded by nature.  The pods are simple but effective and allow the children to learn in a different and exciting environment and expand their imagination as though there are apart of the stories being told.


Next we took a walk through the prayer garden which was beautifully handcrafted by Simon from Lyon Landscapes.  It is a true and respectful tribute to the Hillsborough memorial, with 96 red flowers representing each victim.   The prayer garden is a special and peaceful area where the students can take time out and be together with god.


Ruth then introduced me to Simon who was hard at work building the tunnel and path from the infant school through to the juniors for parents. He was planting conifer trees which we look forward to watching grow.  Simon is a credit to the school and his passion shines through.


We then went on an adventure through the maze, which is currently growing and will soon be an exciting adventure for the children. Again, allowing their imaginations to run wild with adventures.


St Margaret Marys Juniors is truly inspirational and teaches the children many valuable life skills including nature, peacefulness, spirituality, being together, learning and respect.

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