Men of Harlech Bike Ride – Day One – A Blog by Howard Burge

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Twelve months on and here we are again – the men (and women) of Harlech are set to cycle across Wales in a bid to raise funds and awareness for the Cardiff City Community Foundation.

Last year New Directions Education got involved for the first time with the project. Physically, one would have thought I had learned my lesson. It was utterly exhausting. Mentally, it was a really exceptional challenge. But, I chose to take part again and I want to explain why…

The Cardiff City Community Foundation changes lives. The impact the work of the charity aligned to Cardiff City Football Club is simply put – outstanding. The team work to engage over 30,000 individuals annually. As a charity that focuses on wide reach, inclusion and providing opportunity for all, it really does what it says on the tin.

From working with young people inside and outside of the traditional classroom environment to MBA students, it’s a charity with a deep commitment to improving lives through sport.

The world I am raising my three beautiful daughters in throws up new challenges on an almost daily basis. From the small things like choosing somewhere we all agree on to eat to having to explain to them about some of life’s social injustices. As young women about to face the world at large, I am happy to know that the foundation and other similar organisations are there to conquer and challenge some of the difficulties they may encounter.