So you are considering a career in supply teaching…

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…a blog by Chloe Evans, Account Manager, New Directions Education

The academic year is set to draw to a close once more, how quickly the time has passed since September 16’, though I am not sure how many of those who work in classrooms up and down the UK would agree.

Our teams work throughout the calendar year, of course we do get some ‘down time’ where we re-charge our batteries ready for the phones to start ringing off the hook again in September. But…July and August is our time to re-group and make sure our service is ‘match-fit’ for the autumn term ahead and beyond.

One of our objectives is to ensure that our long-term bookings are in place, ensuring that our schools are supported for cover for any staffing gaps – maternity etc. However, sometimes the notion of short term day-to-day supply is overlooked. At this time of the year we tend to get a number of retiring education personnel looking to keep a connection with their community. Such is the vocation of the teacher, they sometimes find it difficult to give it up completely – we salute you!

This has evoked many a conversation in our teams about day-to-day supply – what are the benefits, and why should the committed education professional consider it as an option? Here are some of our thoughts…

1) Flexibility

Working day-to-day means that individuals have a sense of control over when they do and don’t work. This means that when they want to dedicate time to their vocation – they can…and it can help schools in sticky situations. If an individual wants some time out to pursue other ambitions – they can!

2) Try before you buy…

The notion of working in a variety of schools and roles can really appeal to some teachers. From newly qualified to those who are stepping out of a full time role, the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ can be really attractive. Our schools and colleges have values that reflect the ambitions of some professionals, and they appreciate the opportunity to see where they fit…where to focus their teaching ambitions.

3) Supporting study

For some teaching professionals who are still immersed in the world of academia, supply offers them the opportunity to raise much needed funds to support themselves. Not to mention that the experience in the classroom may support their learning objectives.

4) On the move…

More people than ever before are relocating to new areas – for relationships, job opportunities or they want to be closer to family. Day-to-day supply gives these individuals a chance to experiment and get to know their new locality. Yielding the knowledge of new colleagues in day-to-day supply assignments can help them to make better choices about their future.

5) Shaping the teacher of tomorrow

So…this was an interesting discussion – our team discussed that day-to-day can really enhance what a teacher can offer in the classroom. It enhances their opportunity for personal development, keeping them in touch with an ever-changing classroom environment. Our education community are shaping future generations; they have a responsibility to be an ever evolving educator for this very reason.

There are a plethora of reasons to consider day-to-day supply, no matter the stage of your career. One thing our team can assure you is support to pursue this. We 100% back continuous professional development and our in-house training team is testament to that. Our teams work throughout the year and your dedicated Account Manager will guide and support you to pursue the style of supply that you want to embark upon.

We will never ‘push’ you into supply assignments that don’t fit your personal objectives. And therein lays the key to our service – it’s personal, bespoke and dedicated to YOU! Our emphasis on getting to know you and your ambitions no matter how big or small has been one of the key factors in our becoming an award winning organisation. We invest in you, brand you, team you, your requirements as an education professional.

If you would like an informal discussion about supply work – get in touch, we will be happy to chew the fat of the ups and downs of it all….and we would love to hear your opinions.
Here’s to the last few weeks of term – we hope it has been a good one.