Planned Cuts in Workloads for Schools Across Wales…a blog by Gary Williams

News reached our team this morning which I know will leave many of our colleagues across the education community with a sense of relief, and certainly with the understanding that they are being listened to, and we welcome the news.

Teachers across Wales are to be issued with a pocket guide with do and don’t guidance in an effort to alleviate workloads.

The guide which has been agreed with unions, Welsh Government and the Welsh education inspection authority Estyn will take the form of 40,000 pocket guides and 3,000 posters for school staff rooms, as well as digital guidance online.

Interestingly funding is also being made available to appoint School Business Managers in 11 areas to help relieve the pressures heads and their staff currently face with finance and administration.

As a father of four children – two of whom are still in full-time education, I welcome the news. I have worked in the education sector for over 25 years and throughout that time I have witnessed first-hand professionally and as a parent the increasing demands and pressures placed on those who are responsible for education our young people.

Teaching is arguably a vocation for many people – one that takes years of investment in terms of qualifying and then in turn practising the profession. The level of responsibility that our educators hold is prolific, and if we are able to offer the possibility of letting them be purists in what they do…then that is the biggest compliment we can pay them.

In terms of our responsibility to the sector – certainly over the last five years we have evolved the traditional offerings of a supply agency. In October, this year we will host a series of conferences – for both Business Managers and Head Teachers. The topics are all too pertinent – Mindfulness and Wellbeing being the key focus for the Business Managers event and Leading Behavioural Change for Headteachers.

As a partner to the education community, we recognise that we play a vital role in supporting positive outcomes – for the staff we support, but also for the children across Wales who deserve the very best from our teaching professionals.

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