Go Green Week 2018

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Go Green Week ran from the 12th-16th February 2018, it is organised by People & Planet who are highlighting the climate crisis we are facing and the reliance we have on fossil fuels. People & Planet are demanding that banks put a stop to financing fossil fuel extraction which drives the climate crisis and repeats colonial injustices.

Although Europe’s great empires dissolved in the 20th Century, Colonialism is still in effect today in one form or other. It has been transformed by fossil fuel companies and financial capitals causing severe climate change in the Global South by extracting fossil fuels.

Local communities in the Global South are dying from the effects of human carbon emissions. Whilst they also have to contend with extreme drought, flooding, and hurricanes Fossil Fuel companies and the financial capitals benefit from burning fossil fuels.

Students have been campaigning for fossil fuel divestment in UK universities by which has them by storm and left the fossil fuel industry’s reputation at an all-time low. Glasgow University became the 1st in Europe to divest, By December 2017 over 60 Universities had made some sort of fossil free commitment.

Fossil fuel divestment in climate solutions is the removal of investment assets including stocks, bonds, and investment funds from companies involved in extracting fossil fuels, to try to reduce climate change.

The campaign for fossil free finance is fundamentally about supporting the struggles for justice in communities most affected by fossil fuel extraction. They have called for campaigners in the UK to challenge the climate colonialism of our corporations and banks by forcing them to divest fossil fuel finance.

What can you do to help?
Spread the word. Advertise on all social media platforms, put up posters in your Universities, link up with nearby universities or campaigners. During Go Green Week 2018, students and teachers can get educated through films screenings and workshops. People & Planet and National Union of Students (NUS) are hosting a webinar discussion with representatives from struggles resisting fossil fuel extraction in South East Asia. You can hear their stories of resistance, the complicity of British corporations in the imposition of fossil fuel infrastructure. and learn about what you can do to support them in your campaigns.

Calling all students and Universities #GoGreen18.