Extinct Animals, How Much Do You know?

1. True or False? In 1914, the last passenger pigeon died in captivity at Cincinnati Zoo.

2. Which two reasons make grey squirrels dangerous to endangered red squirrels?
a) They attack them and eat them
b) They eat the acorns first and carry a disease that kills them

3 True or False? A dire wolf’s powerful bite-force could crush a skull.

4. What is the name of this endangered creature?
a) Pademelon
b) Pangolin
c) Peccary
d) Potoroo

5. True or False? The Irish elk was the biggest deer in the world.

6. What is the name of the world’s last surviving male northern white rhinoceros, who went viral in 2017 when a picture of him was posted on Twitter?
a) Syria
b) Sri Lanka
c) Somalia
d) Sudan

7. What is the earliest known Dinosaur?
a) Tyrannosaurus Rex
b) Brontosaurus
c) Nyasasaurus
d) Coelophysis

8. Which two types of creatures, native to the UK, are now thriving in the wild again after being hunted to extinction centuries ago?
a) Beavers and Wild Boar
b) Ducks and Stoats

9. Which animal is this, perhaps the most famous of all extinct animals?
a) Pagan Reed-warbler
b) Elephant bird
c) Dodo
d) Guadalupe caracara

10. True or False? Dinosaurs never lived in Antarctica.

11. Russian Scientists are hoping to clone which extinct Ice Age Animal, after finding a perfectly preserved corpse – thought to be up to 50,000 years old – in Siberia?
a) Mammoth
b) Cave Lion
c) Mastodon
d) Sabre-tooth tiger

12. True or False? Aurochs, the ancestor of domestic cows, only grew to 4 feet in height.

13. What has Stephen Hawking warned could lead to the extinction of humans?
a) Artificial Intelligence
b) Obesity
c) Stupidity
d) Climate Change

14. Which bird was hunted to extinction in the early 1900s due to its colourful feathers?
a) Saint Helena cuckoo
b) Carolina Parakeet

15. What is unusual about the 1938 re-discovery of the coelacanth?
a) There are over 1 million of them in the wild today
b) It was thought to be extinct for over 65 million years
c) it was discovered in a fish tank at a pet store



  1. True
  2. B
  3. True
  4. B
  5. True
  6. D
  7. C
  8. A
  9. C
  10. False: Paleontologists confirmed that dinosaurs lived on all of the continents, including Antarctica.
  11. B
  12. Aurochs were huge animals that grew to a height of nearly 6 feet.
  13. A
  14. B
  15. B