Safer Internet Day 2018 – A Guide from New Directions Education #SID208

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Introduction – Howard Burge, National Director, New Directions Education – Safer Internet Day

I have had the privilege of working in close partnership with schools and colleges across England and Wales for over 15 years. In that time the technological advances that have revolutionised how we communicate have been, quite simply incredible.

On the most part, the freedom offered of information exchange digitally has been a positive experience. However, we also must acknowledge that with the evolution of such platforms comes great responsibility to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

Personally, as a father of three young girls, I am consistently making strides to understand all things online. From the early days of Facebook to the undeniable growth of Instagram and beyond. It is fast-paced and requires energy and time, but that is my responsibility as a father guiding his children.

Our team got together recently and decided to create an overview for schools about their own relationships with social media. This is by no means a steadfast, prescriptive guide – but rather one developed out of conversation and experience as parents, care givers and education partners.

We hope this goes some way to help with your own approach as a professional to handling all the nuances – positive and negative of social media.


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