The Christmas Secret Squirrel Mission

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Christmas is a time for giving generously, sharing kindly and showing how much you care for your loved ones and those around you. Every year, there are numerous charitable causes and events going on throughout the festive period to help those who are less fortunate or disadvantaged, and at New Directions Education, we love to get involved in causes like these. This year, one of our schools, the Co-op Academy Woodslee Primary School in Wirral, took part in one of these thoughtful and kind-hearted initiatives to show how much they care for those living in their local community and to spread some Christmas joy.

Introducing Co-op Academy Woodslee Primary School

Co-op Academy Woodslee Primary School strives to equip children with the skills they need to be successful in life as citizens of our local communities. They promote several community-minded core values and ways of being at their heart, including:

  • Do what matters most
  • Succeed together
  • Be yourself, always
  • And show you care

The school firmly believes that the primary education setting is the foundation for nurturing future members of our society. They hope to instil strong values and morals in their students by championing their beliefs across everything they do. This December, based on one of their core values of ‘showing that they care’, the school took part in a Secret Squirrel Mission to help vulnerable families in their local community at Christmas time. The mission embodied their values and enabled the school to be a positive role model for their students.

What was the Secret Squirrel Mission?

Secret Squirrel Mission

The Secret Squirrel Mission was a top-secret initiative to deliver surprise food parcels over the Christmas period to vulnerable families in the local area. It was an undercover mission led by the school, designed to give something back to their local community. On Friday 20th December, volunteers were busy preparing Christmas food parcels in secret, before travelling around Bromborough, Wirral, to deliver the school’s donations to vulnerable local families. The festive food parcels were delivered by Santa’s secret helpers in the dark on Friday night, leaving heart-warming surprises for their unsuspecting recipients.

We loved the sound of this initiative as soon as we heard about it from Woodslee Primary school. As New Directions Education also holds ‘community’ as a core company value, we were excited to support the Secret Squirrel Mission by contributing to the cause and supporting our client with their special task.

Branch Manager of the New Directions Education Wirral Branch, Sam Pilling, commented to say that “community is at the heart of our values and we feel proud to support this initiative and make a difference towards people’s lives at Christmas, especially in our local community.” We hope our contribution to the School’s Secret Squirrel Mission made Christmas extra special for families living in the Bromborough area this year.

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