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Our NQT Support Programme will provide you with a designated NQT Consultant. Their role is to work with you and your account manager, to secure you your perfect teaching job, support your CPD (Continuous Professional Development) and help guide you through completing your induction period whilst on supply.

Having been an integral part of the education sector for 25 years, we have built strong relationships with schools. We look to offer the widest choice of primary and secondary schools across Wales and the North West.

We understand that everyone is different, and that your ethos, teaching style and desired school are unique. We pride ourselves in getting to know everyone individually to ensure you are suitably placed.

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What can we offer our Newly Qualified Teachers?

  • Designated Point of Contact – You will have an NQT Consultant and Account Manager who will get to know you and support you through your induction period whilst on supply
  • Regular Work – As the number one agency in Wales and the West, we regularly have over 4,000 education staff out working in our schools each week
  • Free CPD (Continuous Professional Development) –  Our NQT Support Programme allows you the opportunity to access a suite of online free training, industry expert webinar and seminars, and the opportunity to attend accredited training such as Behavioural Management (Team Teach or PRICE), Mental Health First Aid for Children, Mindfulness & Wellbeing and Paediatric First Aid
  • Work in local schools – We have offices across the whole of Wales and the West. We have a designated account manager for each local authority who have built relationships with their schools, to be able to offer you jobs in your local area
  • Flexibility – You can manage your own diary and update us with your availability via your account manager or your online web portal. There is no commitment to the amount of days you need to be available, or the days you need to work. We will work with you and your availability
  • Competitive Rates of Pay – We are a supplier of choice for the Welsh Government, having been awarded a framework agreement by the National Procurement Service. You can be confident that we will offer competitive rates of pay and pay parity
  • Refer a Friend Bonus – If you recommend anyone to register with us, once they work 20 days, we will give you £100 as a thank you
  • Online Web Portal – This allows you to view your bookings, timesheets, payslips, and availability online which is all completely hassle free
  • Annual NQT Event with Industry Experts – We hold an annual NQT Event, where industry experts offer bitesize sessions on their knowledge of the sector, as well as a Q&A to offer you the opportunity to ask them any questions you may have

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Tips and Advice from our NQT’s Phoebe and Victoria

Making the transition from being a student to an NQT is a step that teachers whilst on supply, can feel overwhelming. We believe that the best tips and advice come from those who have experienced it themselves. NQTs Phoebe and Victoria both worked with New Directions Education on a supply basis during their NQT years and here they share their experiences, words of wisdom and nuggets of advice to make your first day a breeze.

Vicki - NQT

What can I expect from my first position?

First day nerves are normal in any new job, but especially so when you are moving from the realm of Student Teacher to paid work as an NQT. Suddenly, you might feel like you’re on your own when you’re used to having a cushion of support behind you and that can be a daunting prospect. But just remember, you are part of a wider team of teachers with a wealth of experience to share all teachers were in your position once and most will be happy to help you in any way they can.

Victoria’s first position as an NQT was a long-term supply role, where she found that getting to know her team was essential as they gave her valuable advice along the way. She advises you to “make sure you know who the main points of contact are, such as the Head Teacher and any key staff you will be in contact with like the Safeguarding Lead. This way, you will know who to get in touch with if you have questions and be sure to ask any questions, even the obvious ones, as NQTs are not expected to know everything!”

Working on a supply basis with New Directions Education will enable you to build up a wealth of learning and experience as a solid foundation for your teaching career and you will meet people along the way who will be valuable contacts in the future. It is an exciting time, but if you’re feeling anxious about your first day, Phoebe highlights that “nerves are natural so embrace it. Remain open-minded and optimistic. No two days are ever the same, as teaching provides an enormous range of learning opportunities, emotions, and challenges, but it’s important to enjoy every experience”.

Phoebe - NQT

What should I expect from supply teaching in general?

Working as a Teacher on a supply basis can offer you the chance to work in short and long-term placements, which are great ways for NQTs to build up a range of experiences and decide which direction they want to take their careers in. Victoria worked across a range of long and short-term placements in her NQT year, both of which helped her to complete her portfolio for the EWC. Here’s what she has to say about her experiences:

“I have enjoyed my long-term placements as I felt I was given a chance to grow within the same environment and create professional relationships which helped my practice. You can have your own class for that time period and you see how they grow which is fab. As a Supply Teacher, you are not expected to join additional school-based activities (e.g. Inset days). However, I found this very useful for long-term supply as you begin to understand the workings of the school more thoroughly.

I also really enjoyed short-term supply work as I feel I have seen different schools and practices, helping me choose how I want to teach. I found I would be asked back to the same schools (which shows I was doing something right!) which was fantastic. Equally, I found that some schools may have been ‘tougher’ than others. This helped me develop different aspects of my teaching practice (such as behaviour or nurture).”

Working with New Directions Education during your NQT year also offers you an extra layer of support during this transition phase. You will have a dedicated Account Manager on-hand to offer you advice and there are a range of free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses available for you to take advantage of. Phoebe worked with New Directions and found that “teaching through supply provides the opportunity for flexible working hours” yet she also “valued the professional support and how approachable and friendly the Account Managers are.” Phoebe advises you to “ensure you take advantage of any CPD opportunities on offer, as it will benefit you greatly throughout your teaching career.”

NQT Event – August 2020

Join our Free NQT’s and Student Teacher Top Tips Webinar

Open to all student teachers and NQT’s, this informative webinar will focus on advice and practical tips for preparing for your NQT year. This will include 20min discussions with experienced mentors in the education sector and the opportunity for Q&A at the end.

Dates: Wednesday 5th August and Wednesday 26th August

Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm

The webinar will last around 2 hours, where four industry speakers will have a 20 minute bitesize discussion to provide an overview of their knowledge of the education sector.

Speakers will include:

Induction Mentor – an overview and tips into conducting your NQT induction year whilst on supply

Current Headteacher – Tips when applying for jobs and working as agency staff

EWC Representative – Understanding your role within the education sector

Recruitment Coach – Interview techniques and what to expect when working for an agency

NQT's & Student Teacher's Top Tips webinar

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Advice for NQTs

We asked Victoria and Phoebe if they had any hot tips to share with fellow NQTs ahead of the new school year.

Phoebe says “Congratulations! You’ve made it into the best profession in the world. Don’t be afraid to ask for support and keep educating future generations.”

Victoria gave some of her top tips for NQTs:

  • “Buy a 4-in-1 colour pen. Some schools have specific colours for Supply Teachers, others for specific types of comments.
  • Check out the New Direction courses – they are useful and they are free!
  • Keep on top of experiences – just get them done. Use photos, planning and activities as evidence and don’t forget you can use an experience for lots of different Teaching Standards.
  • If you don’t know, ASK. Whether in school, via your Account Manager or the EWC, if you have a question you should ask it.
  • Link up with other NQTs – I have been fortunate to have a support network with my fellow NQT friends which has been helpful when preparing for an unfamiliar key stage or an interview.
  • Make sure you have some time for yourself. A hobby, a book, Netflix, gym membership or the pub. Make sure you spend a little time away from the stresses of work or the NQT year, it will do you good.
  • Don’t worry if you have not completed the NQT year by July – if you are working on a supply basis, you are given the flexibility to continue your days into the next academic year, and you will get there. If there are any major changes, just keep the EWC informed.”

Supply teaching is a great way to start your teaching career as an NQT. We hope you find these tips useful and insightful, but if you have any further questions, just give your Account Manager a call or register with New Directions Education today to join our growing community of NQTs.

Victoria & Phoebe's Top Tips for NQTs

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