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Wirral Candidate Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

I initially found out about New Directions Education via searching on the internet. I found the registration simple and was introduced to Matthew who looks after me and my bookings. Matthew is always positive and a pleasure to deal with – both over the phone and in person; Matt even got me into work straight away as an exam invigilator before the summer break. I have now completed my Level 1 Cover Supervisor Course which will enhance my chances of getting work locally. Matt has been outstanding overall. His optimism, support and general demeanour makes him a pleasure to deal with.

Mr C. Reynolds – Cover Supervisor on the Wirral

I came to hear about New Directions Education through a former employee of theirs, who working in the school I was completing my PGCE training at. I found the registration process efficient and Matt was helpful and honest. Throughout the registration process, Matt kept me well informed, up to date and provided me with the necessary and important information needed to get compliant. I would recommend New Directions Education and Matt to future colleagues and friends.

Mr Edwards – Secondary NQT

I came to hear about Matthew and New Directions Education through reading an online advert requesting English Teachers. The advert immediately attracted me because of its apparent honesty and because it also offered the opportunity to work with Matthew, who was once a Teacher and Senior Leader.

During the initial process, I found Matthew to be professional; providing me with immediate answers and feeling confident in the information I received.

As the registration process progressed, I came into the Wirral branch and found Matthew to be down to earth, knowledgeable, friendly and honest. In particular, he made me feel at home and I left confidently knowing he would do his best for me; not making false promises.

In the end, we spent almost 2 hours talking and getting to know each others backgrounds, which is important when finding the perfect or near perfect role which, in this day and age, is rare indeed. It shows commitment.

Without doubt, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending both Matthew and New Directions Education in the future.

Mr Cookson – Secondary English Teacher; Cheshire

It has been a pleasure working with Matthew at the Wirral Office. Through talking to Matthew, it is evident that he is a well-respected, hardworking professional, who will go out of his way to help me get work. And he does! On a regular basis which is great!

I have built up a good relationship with him and he fully understands what I am looking for in terms of work. I know that I can ring him at any point in the day and he will always listen to what I have to say and act upon it if necessary.

Matthew met all my work requirements and gets me teachers’ rate work within the local area. The schools I have worked in have always been of a good standard and I have enjoyed liaising with them.
Thankfully, Matthew managed to get me long term, supply work at a high, achieving school on the Wirral, which was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it there and would love to go back. He also helped me with my letter of application. Matt’s general day to day activities, emails, bookings etc. are always outstanding and I look forward to working with him in 2018.

If I was to sum Matt up, he is efficient, professional and reliable.

Miss L Jones, Secondary School Teacher, Wirral

I heard about New Directions whilst on supply with another agency. It was easy to register and I had a brilliant interview that boosted my confidence. Although the first few weeks from the start of the new school year are initially tough to find day to day work work whichever agency you use, I’ve then had plenty to keep me busy, especially SEN work in various settings. I’ve been really lucky to be in a placement since February and am even luckier to be back there from the start of this new term!! I’ve done a lot of online training with New Directions, something I’ve not been offered elsewhere and am really pleased that I’ve been able to do Team Teach and Paediatric First Aid, 2 courses that I’ve waited a long time for. My lovely consultant Jen is my saviour, she listens to me witter on when I’ve had a brilliant experience at a school and puts up with my moans and groans when I’ve not liked somewhere!!! She is well aware that I need a job and is always positive and encouraging. She actively gets me work which plays to my SEN and Early Years strengths, caring about my general welfare and me as a person. It is like having a younger sister and I am lucky to have a really good, positive relationship with her (she rocks!!!)
Summing up in 3 words? Lovely, fabulous, positive!

H. Morgan, Level 3 Learning Support Assistant, Wirral.

Having started my role as a cover supervisor in February 2017, I have nothing but praise and high recommendation for Matt and the staff at New Directions. They have been hugely supportive throughout and in regular contact. The role is flexible and the team offers a number of courses to provide additional confidence in working in a classroom environment and dealing with classroom behaviour.

Matt is also an experienced teaching practitioner who can offer great advice and support for anyone wishing to enter the teaching profession, and the experience gained working as a cover supervisor is invaluable in helping gain a place on a teacher training programme and in providing excellent experience of the reality of teaching. Overall my experience working with Matt and the team at New Directions has given me a great grounding from which to begin my teaching career.

Thanks again Matt


Jon, Cover Supervisor, Wirral Office

I’m writing to thank you for all your help in sourcing me work through the year. I have really enjoyed supply teaching this year.

You have always been friendly, polite and very professional in your approach.

You have always got back to me quickly when I have had any queries or concerns and understood my requirements about flexible working and being in the right school.

Thanks once again and all the best in the future.

Kind regards


Dawood, Candidate – Wirral Team

Matt was extremely helpful during my search for employment, where he was passionate and diligent in his efforts to support me. Matt has a lot of experience in his field, with excellent contacts and knowledge in the area of education. Thanks to the interpersonal skills displayed by Matt, the registration process was thorough yet a very comfortable experience. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Matt as he looks after your needs with much diligence.

N. Templeman – Lecturer of Sport and Public Services

N. Templeman – Lecturer of Sport and Public Services

If you’re looking to do supply work and would like to be treated professionally and feel fully supported, then Matt at New Directions Education in Ellesmere Port is the man you need! Thank you Matt

C. Declercq – Secondary English Teacher

C, Declercq, Secondary English Teacher

I have had a fantastic time working for New Directions over the past 5 years and feel that my every need has been met. New Directions is a fantastic agency to work for and I am so glad that I could be part of your team. I will definitely be recommending yourselves to any individuals looking to work in the education sector.

A Branch- Wirral primary teacher

Testimonial from Wirral Primary Teacher

I heard about New Directions during my training year (2014/2015). I hadn’t managed to successfully secure a full time post for September, and wanted to ensure that I had regular work whilst job hunting, so I started researching/asking colleagues at my placement schools about supply agencies they would recommend. New Directions was suggested consistently with very high recommendations.

It was extremely easy to register. I simply sent an email to my local New Directions office expressing my interest in joining New Directions Education, stating my experience and circumstances and attaching a CV. They contacted me the same day to discuss my application and confirm an interview date ready for a September start. I met my Account Manager who interviewed me, she was very helpful and friendly, guiding me through the process to ensure swift induction ready for a September start.

I have had a fantastic experience working with New Directions so far and would definitely recommend them to others! The opportunity to try new positions that I otherwise would not have had experience of has been the highlight for me so far. I have had regular work and been placed in roles that both match and stretch my ability allowing me to progress and extend my experience as an NQT. When a post is offered, I am given all the relevant facts allowing me to make an informed decision as to whether to take the position. My confidence in meeting new challenges i.e. new schools, new children, and new strategies for learning (the list goes on) has grown significantly thanks to my Account Manager – Jen (Wirral Office)! I can’t thank her enough!

My Account Manager has been brilliant to work with and is a pleasure to speak to on the phone. She is always so understanding and does her utmost to ensure that I am always in suitable work that allows me to grow into the role of a KS1 and 2 teacher, and always has my best interests at heart! More recently she has secured me a fixed term position at one of the schools she placed me at. My initial supply days there were secured based upon my skill set and experience and the school recognised my ability to fulfil their need for a fixed term position. She negotiated on my behalf to ensure the placement would allow me to grow as a teacher as well as fulfil the requirements of the role. Without having had the chance to experience this school via her and New Directions relationship as suppliers, this fantastic opportunity would not have been open to me.

The three words I would use to sum up New Directions would be welcoming, supportive and professional.

Testimonial from Katherine, A Newly Qualified Teacher from Wirral

Having heard from friends that NDE was a great organisation to launch oneself into the job market, I proceeded to register myself with the Wirral Office.
I was met with friendliness,professionalism and efficiency!
Since my initial experience of registering with the company I have continued to be impressed by their service, kindness and approachable manner as well as the way in which they have matched my skills with the many placements I have enjoyed.
I would particularly like to recommend Account Manager, my point of contact in that office for her noteworthy attention to detail, consistent follow up and kindness.She has been a great encouragement to me as I have transitioned into a new region and job market.

For me my Account Manager reflects your company well in these three words…..Professional, Efficient, Accommodating

Testimonial from Susan, Wirral teaching assistant

New Directions was recommended by a colleague. The registration process was well organised and great care was taken to identify the type of roles I was seeking. The Wirral office is by far the most professional and friendly team I have encountered – head and shoulders above other agencies. My account manager is always very supportive and I have been offered a range of good roles, all within reasonable distance of my home. Other advantages to being with New Directions are the online availability calendar, the efficient payment system, and the provision of excellent free training courses. I really can’t recommend them highly enough.

MB, Secondary Teacher

How did you hear about New Directions?

I relocated and searched 2 agencies to sign up with. New Directions were rated highly and turned out to be more efficient and organised.

Was it easy to register?

Easy and friendly process. I was quickly set up on their system and ready to work.

How have you found your experience with New Directions? How did we help you find work?

I have never had a day without work since working for New Directions. Most of the time I have known where I am working, for the rest of the week saving the stress and uncertainty of not knowing where you are going to be working on a day to day basis. New directions staff listen carefully to your preferences in terms of distance you would like to travel, schools you would like to teach in and subject strengths making the experience a lot more enjoyable. I have had two long term positions through New Directions which I have both really enjoyed and am grateful for New Directions putting me forwards for.

The results achieved

In all the time I have worked with New Directions, there has not been a day I have not had work.

Why were we the best choice for helping you find work?

More organised than other agencies, well known and respected by my local schools.

Is there anything outstanding your account manager did?

Put me forward for a job interview I would never have applied for (SEN) but which I thoroughly enjoyed. The account manager also keeps in contact to make sure you are enjoying where you work. Even when you have work, they keep you in mind for future jobs and have a vested interest in your career.

• Sum up New Directions in 3 words…
Efficient, Caring, Helpful….. “Simply the best” 🙂

Lauren, Secondary Teacher

I found out about New Directions through a recommendation who directed me to my Account Manager. It was very easy to register with the company as I registered online. I was called into the office and I felt very comfortable with the company straight away. My Account Manager has been so helpful through every step of the process, from my initial meeting to finding me constant work and supporting me throughout with emails and phone calls.

New Directions has been such a fantastic agency and has helped me to build my confidence with teaching. Prior to applying to work with New Directions I informed my Account Manager that I had little confidence in my teaching abilities and struggled to even apply for teaching positions. With her guidance and updates and supporting in helping me find work I have developed my confidence in my teaching practice and my personal life as well. When I first joined the agency I was sceptical about supply and the amount of work I would receive, however she has been fantastic in helping me to find constant work. She has been an outstanding and caring mentor during the last year and has gone above and beyond, by helping me (even outside of the office hours.) She is an absolute credit to your company. If I had to sum up New Directions in 3 words it would be, supportive, reliable and caring.

Testimonial from Victoria, Wirral Primary Teacher

When I decided to try supply teaching I had no idea what would happen. I went online and searched for agencies serving the areas I wanted to work in. One was New Directions.
I phoned up and never looked back. It was easy to register and my consultant made sure I was placed in a variety of schools in order to build up my contacts.
I’ve been in regular work almost constantly since starting. I’ve had a mix of day-to-day pre-booked and a long term post.
My current consultant is great and works really hard to get me bookings. Thanks to her I’ve had the opportunity to work in some outstanding schools.
It’s nice to get birthday and Christmas cards as well. I feel like a person and not a number.
Sum up in three words – it suits me.

Candidate Testimonial – Carol

I first heard of new directions when I returned from working overseas and had a phone call from the team informing me of the great work they do. I explained I had taken on a full time job at a bank close to home as I was yet to buy a car. She remained in touch with regular phone calls to understand my needs and support me back into teaching over the next year and I finally had confidence to leave my full time job and join new directions in September 2015.

It was so easy to register, one simple registration interview and I was ready to get to work!

New Directions and my Account Manager in particular has supported me since day one; providing options for long and short term work, support when required, NQT seminars and most importantly regular work that has seen me able to support myself and my partner through his training year.

I worked a long term placement at a college for six months of the school year and subsequently developed my abilities in my field this allowed me to successfully gain a full time teaching position starting in September and I couldn’t be more thankful to my Account Manager and the rest of the team for helping me achieve my goals!

I particularly felt comfortable working for New Directions as unlike other agencies they allow you to contribute to a holiday find meaning you are still paid during the holidays and also see anything you need on the online portal which is very reassuring with regards to pay and structure.

My account manager helped me through one of the toughest six months of my career. I was fresh from having other jobs for over two years after gaining teacher status and I was adjusting to life as a teacher once again. There were ups and downs at my long term placement but she was always at the other end of the phone to listen to me and support me in any way she could. She should be given high praise for her level of understanding and communication with candidates at any opportunity to provide guidance and be a friendly ear!


Rebecca – Testimonial

1. How did you hear about New Directions?
I found the website while searching for agencies online and contacted you direct.

2.Was it easy to register?
It was my first time registering with an agency and so I found the amount of documents required was quite extensive but I understand the relevance of them all. I had an interview with the agency and then they waited for all of the references to come back and that was all so yes was fairly straightforward.

3. How have you found your experience with New Directions? How did we help you find work?
Extremely pleasant staff always keeping me informed, I have not been available for full weeks but have managed to get a couple of days work in between these dates always being informed before of the type of school and details. I am still looking for work and will be available more now I have finished my Level 2.

4. The results achieved
Yes they have found me work and hopefully more now that I am qualified and available more.

5. Why were we the best choice for helping you find work?
I found that they will find me work to suit my abilities and have also encouraged me to try new things such as ALN which I was not very confident in but I am glad they made me try as I have thoroughly enjoyed working in an ALN school recently.

6. Is there anything outstanding your account manager did?
She is extremely supportive and has tried really hard to place me with the right school and is also really pleasant on the phone.

7. Sum up New Directions in 3 words…

Professional Supportive Efficient

Testimonial from Sue, Wirral Teaching Assistant

I was introduced to New Directions by a colleague who joined after leaving a school. She felt that she was treated well and I must say that registration was very straightforward and professionally carried out. Certainly I felt welcomed and well-informed.
When I have been given assignments, My Account Manager (and indeed her colleagues) have been very supportive, alert and friendly. Feedback has been very positive and schools have been good to teach in. I was very impressed with inset support.
My Account Manager has kept in touch and I have been able to rejoin New Directions, grateful for her support.

New Directions – Approachable, Supportive, Dynamic

Testimonial from a Wirral Primary Teacher

I heard about New Directions from the internet and it was very easy and quick to register.

My experience working with New Directions has been excellent, they keep in touch, return any phone calls or messages, always confirm any booked work via text or email and have helped my find lots of good supply work in some great schools

Results achieved have been great, they have been the agency who have found me the most work over the past five months

New Directions were the best as listed above, professional, efficient and great at booking good work, confirming work and looking out for new opportunities

In 3 words… professional, friendly, efficient

Testimonial from Louise, Wirral Teaching Assistant

Applying to join new directions two and a half years ago was very simple and straight forward with a pleasant interview at the office.
My consultant is extremely professional and understands my personal work preferences and needs. She is always friendly and personable and is a delight to work with.
She understands the difficult financial climate among schools but we both hope that I may be able to have a pay increase in the future.
I would recommend new directions to another teacher.

Testimonial from Victoria, Wirral Primary Teacher

I heard about New Directions a number of years ago whilst searching online to find a supply teaching agency. I sent an online application off and within a number of hours I had received a phone call back asking me to go to their office for in informal interview. After this I sorted out all of the relevant paperwork and was able to start work within a month. I have so far loved my experience with New Directions, I have been working for them for a number of years now and they have provided me with so many different opportunities in a variety of different schools. The thing I loved most about working for New Directions was the flexibility. They worked hard to ensure I had a long term placement in a school whilst I studied a full time masters degree in Psychology and liaised well with the school to enable me to take relevant days off to attend lectures and hand assessments in. For me, New Directions was a local company not far from where I lived and they were able to offer me work close to where I lived as I didn’t drive. My account manager has been nothing but supportive, as have all of the Wirral office whenever I have needed them. She has been an amazing support to me during my time with New Directions, especially when I unexpectedly ended up in hospital with Appendicitis. My Account Manager liaised with the school and myself and ensured I was looked after when I returned back to work. I would recommend New Directions to anybody as I know they will be given a fantastic range of work and some life changing opportunities. I love finding out about new training opportunities and keeping up to date with CPD all of which is offered through New Directions. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few years with New Directions and I look forward to many more.
To me, New Directions is an Inspirational, Supportive and fantastic company to work for.

Testimonial by Annabelle, Wirral Primary Teacher

I have been with New Directions since I 2012.  I found New Directions through a colleague whilst at uni. I registered and went to see them, and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been on courses such as Team Teach which I have found very interesting…glad to say I’ve only had to use preventative techniques once.

I’m finding very rewarding work working with SEN children.

The best part is I can talk to the New Directions team about anything.  To me that’s very important.  If there’s an issue that needs sorting your there.

Debbie, Classroom Assistant

I first heard about New Directions from a fellow supply teacher, who recommended them.
Registration was straightforward and yet also thorough and professional.
New Directions have helped me to find work in an interesting variety of schools and Year groups.
It has been the most ‘enjoyable’ experience, in comparison with other agencies, with whom I’m registered because of the staff.
As a result of the efforts of my account manager, I have become a ‘regular’ at a number of schools, helping to maintain ‘continuity’ for the children.
New Directions were the best choice for me because of their staff and account managers in the office. Without them it’d be just another agency.
My Account Manager has always tried to balance the needs of her clients with the needs of her teachers, whilst prioritising the children-even when full of cold! She remains friendly and caring, but always professional.
Friendly, caring, professional

Testimonial from a Wirral Primary Teacher

I found New Directions on my browser when I was looking for extra work as a key stage one teacher. Within 24 hours I had registered with ND and within one week I was working. I love the fact that ND don’t put pressure on you to work if it is not required, their ‘on-line’ availability calendar is a great idea and eliminates last minute phone-calls when work is not required for whatever reason. My account manager who deals with my bookings is a credit to the recruitment industry as she has an entirely new approach to the candidate’s needs and preferences.
To sum up New Directions in 3 words is difficult as I’d love to say more bet here goes:

Honest, caring, eager.

Sheila Meadows – candidate for Education

Testimonial from a Wirral Primary Teacher

From the initial contact with New Directions, my point of contact Sandra has been professional, efficient and lines of communications have be open and frequent. It took Sandra only seven working days since registering to have me cleared and out working in a secondary school I thoroughly enjoy working in.

I am extremely happy with the pairing of myself and the Secondary School I am currently working with.  I feel Sandra at New Direction has done an excellent job!

I would recommend New Directions without hesitation.

Testimonial from an ALN Teaching Assistant – Maureen

Jennifer is very reliable and is always there when I have any questions that need answering. Jen is in frequent contact and keeps me up to date with many things happening at New Directions.
She is kind, positive and shows great enthusiasm for work and schools. I know that Jen is always happy to help and this fills me with great confidence. A highlight of working with New Directions is when I received the employee of the month award. Jennifer came to the school I was working at and presented me with the award personally.

Testimonial from a Wirral Primary NQT

Jen is my consultant who arranges all of my schools based employments, both short and long term. Jen is very consistent and reliable and calls me frequently to check not only my availability but also how my day at school has been. It is very helpful as we can then discuss possibilities for future work at the same or similar schools.
After going into hospital ill, Jen kept contact to see how I was doing and whether I would be fit enough for work.
A highlight of working with New Directions is being able to work in so many different schools environments and the flexibility of the agency and Jen.
They have been fantastic working around my unusual schedule and availability, as well as advising me on future work. In addition to this, When my consultant Jen is out of office, she always ensures that another consultant like Sam is able to help me until she is back.

Testimonial from a Primary NQT, Wirral

I am in contact with Jennifer on a weekly basis, sometimes daily, depending upon the frequency of assignments. Jennifer is a fantastic consultant to have, she is friendly, helpful and approachable. She is able to respond to any requests for help or advice. The team are a friendly group of individuals, who communicate well and work well at meeting the needs of their clients and candidates.
For candidates, the provision of training for on-going professional development is excellent. The content of the training courses has been really useful and the training staff know their field of expertise well.
It has been a good organisation to be involved with and has been one of the best I have experience of, I would recommend.

Wirral primary teacher Testimonial

Jen is fantastic at what she does, she is very friendly and goes above and beyond. I feel that I am able to speak to her if I have any queries or worries. We regularly keep in touch with one another via either email or phone; myself to keep her informed of my availability and Jen to keep me updated about any work available and also offer me work. She is very honest about that amount of work that is coming in and during quieter times does her best to find something suitable for me. It is clear that she does her best for both her candidates and clients. I am very happy that I joined New Directions Education and that Jen is my account manager.
A key highlight so far in my career with New Directions is being able to work in a variety of schools broadening my experience. I have also had the chance to work in an SEN school, an opportunity that I may not have otherwise had. I am very happy working for New Directions and feel that they truly want to do their best for you. I would recommend them.

Testimonial from Katherine, a Wirral NQT

Jen has very open communication which is frequent but relevant. I can always get hold of Jen when I need anything.
New Directions in the Wirral have a great team feel and a good range of training courses available.
So far I have had a great time working with New Directions and I have had lots of opportunities to work with a variety of schools and your people. I know that I can rely on New Directions to give me work and I have always been made to feel like a valued member of the team.

Testimonial from a Wirral Primary Teacher, Annabelle

Jennifer has been brilliant at helping me to get work. She has offered me new opportunities within new schools whilst also helping me to maintain a positive relationship with the schools I have previously worked in. I am always able to reach Jennifer if I need any assistance or guidance. Jennifer is always reliable and approachable.
The highlight of working with New Directions is Jennifer. She has been able to book me for work in the most wonderful schools, schools that have been able to utilise my skills and interests.
It has been a pleasure to work for new directions and to have Jennifer as my point of contact.

Testimonial from Bev, a Wirral Primary teacher

My relationship with Jennifer is great. She has responded to any questions I have asked. She keeps in touch with me on a regular basis.
I have only been registered with New Directions for less than a month and Jennifer has found a long term placement for me so I would most definitely recommend New Directions to other people. All the staff seem very friendly.
The registration process was quick and I was impressed that I was asked to do a safegaurding training, as part of the registration process. (I have been with other agencies and none have asked me to a safeguarding training).

Testimonial from Katherine, a Wirral teaching assistant

Jennifer is always helpful, considerate, concerned and professional. Her attitude is in stark contrast to some people at other agencies who seem to consider that their candidates should be grateful for what they’re given. New Directions also provides on going CPD and I would recommend them.

Wirral Primary teacher testimonial

Jennifer has been amazing to deal with, if there are ever any problems that I need to deal with I know I can rely on Jennifer to help me with the situation.
A highlight of working with New Directions is dealing with all the staff but especially Jennifer who has been so helpful, caring and considerate. She is always friendly and very reliable at getting back in touch if I need to speak to her. New Directions is a great company to work for! I would recommend them.

Testimonial by Sarah, Wirral teaching assistant

Jenny is an excellent consultant, who keeps in regular contact with me on all work related issues. She is always frank and open with me, and has been of particular assistance in finding me work which fits around the fact that I have an elderly parent to look after.
A highlight of working with New Directions is that I have been given the opportunity to work in a number of ALN schools which I have found to be most rewarding.
I like the fact that as well as Jenny, all other staff members are most helpful in resolving any issues I may have if Jenny is not available.
I would recommend New Directions to other people.

Testimonial from a Wirral teaching assistant, Jacqueline

I’ve worked for other supply agencies but the high quality of my Account Manager’s professionalism has made me pick working for New Directions over other supply teacher agencies. She always finds me regular and appropriate day-to-day supply work, keeps in regular contact and is a pleasure to do business with. If there are any issues, she is quick to follow them up and manages my bookings extremely well.

Cat, Supply Teacher

I have found my Account Manager to be an excellent consultant, she has been most helpful and understanding in finding assignments to suit my personal circumstances.

Jackie Fox, Teaching Assistant, Wirral

I joined New Directions as I was feeling very jaded from the treatment of the agencies I was already working for. Pay rates were low, I felt I was treated as a commodity by the agencies. They never returned calls or bothered with you unless they wanted you. From the off with New Direction there was something different. The initial enrolment interview was a pleasant occasion, I got to meet all the staff I was going to deal with, they listened to what I wanted. Within days of being cleared I was offered work, the pay was much better. After my first day Sam called to ask if I’d enjoyed the school and all was ok.
I have worked for New Direction exclusively since that day on occasions turning down more money, for the simple reason that the agency is honest. I get treated fairly and as a professional, I’m listened to and someone is always available for me. I can’t praise Sam and Eve enough at the Wirral branch, they have kept me going and provided support on the tough days being a supply teacher can bring.
If you are looking for a honest, reliable and professional agency, look no further! If you are in the North West ask for Sam or Eve.

Clare Stubbert

In late 2011 I moved from London to the Wirral, in hopes of continuing my work in disability support. I applied online for a position with New Directions, and after a successful interview, I was allocated as my consultant. From the very beginning she has always done her best to provide me with shifts that fit around my other job, but which are also easily accessible as I don’t have a car. My Account Manager always displays an extremely friendly demeanour, and always endeavours to address any problems or queries I have quickly. She also always provides me with any feedback she receives from the workplace, and has been a brilliant source of support.

Abby, Supply Staff

New directions have been very good in getting me short term supply work since January. I worked at one school on the Wirral for two weeks, this then helped me to get a short-term contract at that school allowing me to complete one term of my NQT year. My Account Manager is very helpful and dedicated and always finds me regular work in local schools. She always gives me feedback and gives me opportunities to go on courses to extend my CPD. Overall New Directions is an excellent agency to work for as they are loyal, accomadating and flexible and have helped me to get recognised at some lovely schools in the area.

Heather, NQT

Heather, NQT

Whenever I am working in a school and get the chance I make a point of asking the cover supervisor which teaching supply agencies they are most happy working with. Particularly on the Wirral, where I do most of my work, the name New Directions keeps coming up again and again.

Also, I have found that my personal own contact at the agency has always put in that extra effort to understand the needs and particular skills of the teacher. It is all about matching teachers up with the right positions, whilst also thinking outside the box in that most good teachers can also teach other subjects other than their own specialism. For me a good agency should not only understand the needs of a school, but also understand the strengths and abilities of the person they are placing. This harmonious situation means, surely, that students will receive the best possible service from us, as teachers, on the day.

James, Teacher of Art and Design