Wirral Primary School Wins Bronze Award For ECO Status

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Congratulations to Hillside Primary School in Prenton on the Wirral who have recently obtained a Bronze Award for Eco School Status.

This is a fantastic way for both pupils and staff to work together on issues such as reducing litter and waste and also running the school in an environmentally conscious way.

The Eco-Schools Programme highlights the importance of peoples efforts in minimizing and reducing the production of waste and conserving energy.

As part of their award, Hillside Primary school have been involved in a huge recycling programme which follows a path of reducing – reusing – recycling.

Initially the pupils at Hillside  collected up waste such as food, packaging, glass, paper, metals and plastics. This was then weighed and in turn eventually recycled.

The pupils then followed a marked improvement scheme which involved re collecting waste and re weighing it to demonstrate that the second time around it weighed less. Each time the pupils gathered more waste, it was apparent that waste was being reduced by either methods of re using and recycling.

Along with a recycling programme, an energy saving project was also set up. The energy issues in an Eco-School encourages ways in which all members of the school can work along side each other to create awareness of energy usage and in turn improve energy efficiency. One of the methods in which pupils were encouraged to conserve energy were to switch lights off when they were not needed.

Following on from gaining their Bronze award, Hillside Primary have gone one step further in starting to set up a Forest School within the school grounds. The aim of their forest school is to encourage an individuals learning through positive outdoor experiences.