Autism Awareness training a roaring success at New Directions Liverpool

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New Directions Education Liverpool ran an Autism Awareness training session on the 18th February. Fourteen enthusiastic candidates attended the one day course and we are glad to announce it was a roaring success!

The training was delivered by New Directions training manager Steve Shepherd.

Candidates were introduced to basic concepts and theories relating to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Autism as a spectrum disorder was explored along with the biological, psychological and behavioural aspects of the condition being discussed. Autism Awareness training introduced some practical approaches along with theoretical principles. The training day was a chance to give New Directions Education candidates the opportunity to discuss their thoughts and experiences of working with people with autism as well as it being a chance for individuals to ask any questions they needed to.

The course covered the following topics:

  • What is Autism?
  • Triad of Impairment
  • Communication
  • Socialisation
  • Imagination
  • A Spectrum Disorder
  • Common Characteristics Summary Questions & Discussion

Feedback from the training was extremely positive . One candidate commented “I learned more about the traits of people with autism and strategies for coping. I thought the course was well delivered at a good pace, the trainer was very interesting, knowledgeable and had plenty of examples”. Another attendee said “I learned a lot about triggers for people with autism and how to handle and overcome the situation of challenging behaviour. I feel that I can bring a lot of what I’ve learned today into practice”

Steve Shepherd was immensely pleased with how the day went “We had a great group of people in today with a vast range of experience of autism. Some people had never dealt with it and other have personal experience of autism. We had great discussions throughout the day and some really valid questions were raised and answered. I think people have come away from training today with some new skills that they can take in to the work place”.

The positive feedback from the training highlighted how useful the training is, we are looking forward to welcoming more of our candidates to the next training day at New Directions Liverpool.

If you are a school and would like more information about the training courses we offer, please call the office on 0151 515 0820.