Congratulations to Bradley Stoke

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New Directions Education today received confirmation from The Olympus Academy – Bradley Stoke that they had yet again passed their Ofsted Inspection with an overall of “GOOD” with elements of “OUTSTANDING”.

This news comes as no shock to New Directions Education as the feedback that we have received from our candidates has always been highly positive with candidates specially mentioning the friendly environment and the overall quality and standards.

Karen Holt The Olympus Academy – Bradley Stoke commented ‘the school was really happy to have passed again with a good few parts of the report stating that they were close to bettering the “GOOD” that they had received’

New Directions Education have been servicing and sending educational professionals to the former School Bradley Stoke and now The Olympus Academy – Bradley Stoke for near 4 years now with great success.

Chris Blake, Account Manager at New Directions Education commented ‘we have been working closely with The Olympus Academy for over four years, during that time we have developed a close working relationship. We are extremely pleased with the Ofsted results for the school and look forward to working with the school in the future’