The Big Five-O!

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Happy Anniversary St Mary’s RC Primary School

Friends, family and pupils gathered recently to celebrate the golden 50th anniversary of St Mary’s RC Primary School, Merthyr Tydfil with a 1960’s themed fete and festival.

Festivities kicked off on 12th July at 1pm with a 60’s concert and celebrations which continued into the evening.

The School is set in the heart of a busy community town on Caedraw Road, Merthyr Tydfil. Formally known as Court Street School for boys, based in Twynrodyn before it was relocated and renamed as St Mary’s RC Primary School in 1963.

Picture taken of Court Street School in 1914

Picture taken of Court Street School in 1914

Abigail Harris, Account Manager for New Directions Education has had a close working relationship with the school for the past two years and took part in the celebrations by donating a cake for the raffle, and a bottle of wine for their wine stall at the fete. She helped to set up by assisting staff put up banners and bunting along their fences and marquees. “I really enjoyed the afternoon and watching the children rehearse for their concerts by singing and dancing to the famous musical ‘Hairspray’. The staff were so welcoming and brightly dressed in their 1960’s fancy dress and the children sang beautifully and seemed to be enjoying themselves, even the weather was on their side for the celebrations”

Account Manager Abi Harris helps to set up

Head Teacher Dan Thomas said “It was a brilliant day and seeing the whole community around the school coming together was the best part. All ages had a good time from the very young to our guests in their 90’s. Thank you to New Directions for their support and the cake much appreciated.”