Swansea Summer Club Week Three

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This week our summer club has been action-packed, with activities ranging from cricket to throwing clay pots and painting jewellery. Oliver Tune and Lauren Lawrence joined the summer club team this week, and have been busy providing the children with engaging projects.

Week three has been a particularly sporty one, with the children enjoying games of cricket and basketball, as well as taking shots at the inflatable penalty shoot-out. We encourage teamwork and good sportsmanship as part of our sports activities, and the children have all shown a healthy sense of competition.


However, we did also indulge our sweet tooth this week, making our own delicious chocolates and lollipops using ingredients such as fudge, biscuits and caramel.

Eloise from Neath said “I felt very creative making the lollies, and I thought the pottery was very fun. I enjoyed the basketball a lot and it was very good to be able to try to make new things with loom bands, although making an octopus looked very hard!”

Stay tuned for more updates next week!