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New Directions Education International Division covers all things recruitment for the overseas education community. We spoke with Louise O’Hanlon and Emily Tune – Account Managers for the team about the growth of the business and plans for international travel…

Can you tell us about why the International Team was put together?

New Directions has been in operation since 1994. That’s 20 years working within the recruitment and training sector. We have worked hard to develop strong relationships with the education communities across England and Wales. As the global market has grown across all other business sectors – it has also reached the education field. More and more of our partners were talking about international opportunities. After working closely with one consortium, we decided to launch the international operation.

Where have you recruited for internationally so far?

We have a number of vacancies registered in Dubai at present – this is a real hotbed of activity for our team. We are also looking at the Middle East and the antipodean markets.

Are you looking to recruit international teachers?

We most certainly are, if you are a teacher looking for an opportunity in the UK – England or Wales, we want to hear from you. By opening up the education community we know we are affording new experiences, not just for the staff that come over here to work – but for the lucky pupils who get to be taught by international teachers.

We absolutely want to hear from teaching staff across the globe to talk to them about opportunities here in the UK.

Have you got any plans for international travel?

Yes, Emily Tune will be in Australia for a month at the start of this academic year. The hope is that we will spread the word about our international division whilst she is out there. Watch out for our very British advertising campaign across Oz.

Finally, what would you say to

  • An international teacher considering a move to the UK
  • A UK based teacher considering opportunities abroad

…about New Directions Education?

  1. Talk to our teams – they are friendly, and really well-equipped to offer the best advice. We encourage all of our account managers and recruitment consultants to be themselves, to be a guide and offer support. If we can’t help, we will certainly point you in the right direction as much as we can. It all starts with a conversation
  2. If you are a teacher in the UK, and you want a new challenge – do it! There are so many wonderful opportunities out there that you can take advantage of. It’s all about stretching yourself, gaining new experiences and sharing your expertise with the international teaching community. The world really is your oyster.

For more information about working with our international team, call 0203 3942620