Denbigh High Bag a Greener Outlook

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On the 1st October 2011 a 5p levy was introduced on shopping bags across Wales. The initiative aimed to reduce the number of carrier bags being under used throughout the country. The policy challenged people to think more about their own individual impact on the landscape of Wales and the wider environmental factors concerned.

This week the New Directions Education team in Wrexham supplied Denbigh High School with promotional merchandise in the form of material bags for their up and coming events. The bags were designed to include both Denbigh High School’s logo and and New Directions Education company logo. This joint statement of intent about sustaining a more ‘green’ approach to school life was designed by Simeon Molloy, Headteacher of Denbigh High.

Samantha Pilling, Senior Account Manager presented the bags to Simeon at the school earlier this week, pictured. She said of the project ‘New Directions Education aim to be knitted in to the very seams of school life. Whether that’s supplying cover for staff in the classroom, supporting charitable events or helping to sustain the Wales of tomorrow in this instance, we want to be a part of it’.

New Directions is committed to creating a greener culture within the workplace. New Directions take full responsibility for the research and control of the effects our business has on the environment. By improving our efficiency and productivity, we aim to minimise waste and understand how to utilise and harness energy more efficiently. Our business has created an environmental management system to help drive continuous improvement. We recognise the benefits to both our business and the wider environment of implementing ISO14001.