Wirral Students to Follow the Inca Trail

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STUDENTS from the Wallasey School are preparing to take in a trek along the Inca Trail in Peru, as part of a year-long fundraising campaign in aid of Hoylake Cottage.
The students have pledged to raise £3,000 in sponsorship for the trip.
Sam, from Wallasey, said: “We wanted to do some fundraising because it’s better than sitting in front of an X-Box.”
“We know Hoylake Cottage need a lot of help and I think it’s good to help old people, especially those with dementia.
“We’ve sent out a letter to everyone in the school asking for ideas for fundraising events and we will be organising things throughout the year.
“And we want the fundraising to carry on after we leave school so it becomes an ongoing commitment.” Last year, a group of teachers raised £1,000 for Hoylake Cottage after being sponsored to take part in the Wirral Walk. They plan to repeat the walk this year, with a bigger group of teachers and with pupils.
Hoylake Cottage fundraising manager Emma Keenan said: “The boys have come up with this plan themselves and they are encouraging all their school mates to support them. We think they are brilliant.”