#menofharlech – a blog from Burge -day one

So our preparation for the big day has all been done. We’ve ‘carbed up’ and bought essential liquids to keep us hydrated on what is set to be an absolute scorcher of a journey.

As we arrived in the North West yesterday we were met with thunder storms and skies lit up with beautiful scenes of electric lightening. We took an evening stroll around Chester, ate some great food and contemplated the challenge ahead of us.

Our first day will see us cycle about 60 miles and climb up to 5,000 feet depending on the final route we are given. It’s daunting and the nerves have well and truly set in. However, we must keep reminding ourselves of the great cause we are raising funds for and we must stay mentally strong when the hills hit the hardest.

Our biggest struggle will be the vertical inclines of the Welsh landscape. The challenges for the communities we are working to support are the day-to-day things we take for granted. Basic literacy and numeracy are the cornerstones for anyones education journey, but for some pupils there is a real disconnect in a traditional learning environment. The Cardiff City Community Foundation offers young people an alternative way of learning.

The funds we raise during this challenge will support delivering more access to this type of learning for our harder to reach communities. So, when the sun is blinding our eyes, the saddle sore has set in and our legs are weary…we will focus on those lives we can change and the opportunities our efforts will afford these young people.

If you see us on the road, be kind – heckle us…politely (of course) and tell us to keep going. We appreciate every drop of support we receive.