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Wrexham Office – Candidate Testimonials

Candidate Testimonials

From my first contract at new directions I found a very professional whilst caring atmosphere, putting me at ease, relating information in a clear and understandable manner, my dealings with my account manager and all the team in new direction branch in Wrexham have been positive ones I feel very happy to work with a company and team that have such a good outlook towards their staff and clients, seven months on from my starting date still find it to be so.

Denbighshire Teaching Assistant

New Directions is a great company to work for, and my account manager is ideal. She is always friendly and professional and understands exactly the time I can offer and the schools I prefer. She always answers the phone or phones back and she is always cheerful. She has also built a good relationship with the schools, which makes going in on supply much easier. Thanks. Janet.

Denbighshire Teaching Assistant

When I attended my interview I was made to feel very welcome by my account manager and the other staff I came in contact with. I was given all the information I would need about joining New Directions, the process was explained clearly and my questions answered well.

I was contacted by phone on a regular basis to update me on my application and when a position became available she went through the details of the role and once again answered my questions.
Since starting the position I have received emails and text messages about courses and work opportunities. I have also been visited by my account manager at school.
I have now secured a full time position at the school


Denbighshire Teaching Assistant

Just a message to inform you that I have been very happy with the way I have been treated by yourself and New Directions. I feel I have had plenty of support and guidance from the time I have started with the Company. Everyone is very friendly and approachable whenever I have spoken to them on the phone and I look forward to working with you in the new term.

Denbighshire Teaching Assistant

Working for New Directions makes you feel as though you are a part of a big family, as I often see other New Direction supplies whilst in setting and they are always friendly. Also working for New Directions is great in terms of the training sessions which are available!

My account manager put me at ease straight away at my interview, as she was very approachable, informative and a genuinely friendly person. She has also been very supportive and approachable when I have had any issues. I am very much enjoying working for New Directions, and I have already suggested them to many of my friends, as working in a range of different settings offers so much experience!

Natalie – Candidate

I have had a new account manager with New Directions since 2015 and within that time she has proved herself to be an asset to your company.

She has always gone the extra mile for me and has done her utmost to find me placements, with a large percentage of my year being filled with full time employment.

She is always extremely approachable and is a pleasure to speak to over the telephone. She has the ability to make you feel positive about your achievements during placement follow up discussions and is extremely supportive.

My account manager has also been exceptionally understanding over the last few months giving me the flexibility I have required during a rather sensitive time for myself and my family and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for this.

Due to my account manager, I can say I have finally found a job I love and I hope to continue to work for many years to come with New Directions.

If you require any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks to my account manager and the team in Wrexham.

Laura – Candidate

I joined New Direction early this year feeling very apprehensive and had low self-esteem. It had been several years since I had worked in Education and had just been doing very basic work as I had lost my belief in myself, that I wasn’t capable of more. The first meeting I had with my account manager was on the phone and she gave me encouragement to come and have an interview at the Wrexham office. I was very nervous but agreed to come with a view to signing up as a T.A. Once I met my account manager she put me right at ease, helping me fill in the forms, writing all my experiences down. She was very professional, yet understanding and showed she cares about staff she takes on. She is always very informative answering any questions I need answering when I have contacted the office. I have been very lucky to have been given plenty of supply work and have enjoyed every day, she also has given me feedback from the schools and luckily for me it’s all good (so far). I would also like to say thank you to my account for making me believe in myself and giving me my confidence back.

Lindsay – Candidate

I have been with New Directions since January as one of their supply teachers.
My account manager has at all times been pleasant and professional on the phone and has welcomed feedback from my placements over the months. She has been particularly good at cementing relationships with schools for me.
Despite me being tied up with language school teaching commitments recently, she has maintained contact with me ready for September.

Angela- Candidate

My account manager has been very helpful and friendly since I started supply in April. She is very supportive and tries very hard to find me work on a regular basis.

Liz- Candidate

I have always found my account manager to be pleasant, conscientious and willing to help both face to face and on the phone. If I have had a question that needs a response through either e-mail, phone or text, she always replies very quickly. I consider my account manager to be extremely professional and hard working and an asset to the New Directions team.

Miranda- Candidate

I first came into contact with my account manager at Bangor University jobs fair in February 2016. In the short time that I have known her I have found her to be informative, friendly and most importantly approachable with excellent communication skills.

My account manager is professional in the way she approaches her work and I look forward to continuing to working with her in the future.

Maxine- Candidate

Since working for new directions my account manager has been brilliant. She continuously supports me and finds me great schools to work in. If I have a problem or need any advice she always provides a solution. Overall I think she is a great manager and enjoy working alongside her.

Marie W – Candidate

I have been working for New Directions for four months now and I am very pleased with the personal treatment I have received from my account manager. She has been very good at placing me in schools where she knows my skills will be of benefit and gives me regular feedback about how I am doing. I enjoy the variety of experiences I have encountered in the schools that I work at such as special needs and a catholic school. It is very good experience. Where possible my account manager always lets me know about a placement in advance and she will regularly check in to see how I am getting on and I will e mail with updates if we have not spoken for a while.

Rebecca – Candidate

I’ve recently started back with New Directions in March where I was assigned a new account manager. My account manager helped to make my registration extremely quick and easy, providing me with all the forms and information I needed to send back to New Directions, where I was able to send it back on the same day.
She has fantastic professional approach to work, and goes the extra mile to make sure messages are passed on even after work hours to me. This level of care has made me feel well looked after, supported and valued.
Thank you. ☺

Shammy – Candidate

I joined New Directions in December 2015, during this time I have always found my account manager very polite and helpful. She has always strived to find suitable teaching work across Wrexham and Flintshire in advance.
I find my account very personable and will always go the extra mile for you.

Chanelle- Candidate

Since working for New Directions I have had the pleasure of having a fantastic account manager. This Lady has gone above and beyond her role to give me assistance, firstly whilst registering and finding a suitable placement and secondly with personnal matters that affected my ability to commit to full time employment. She has kept in contact with me throughout my employment at Queensferry Primary school and has made me feel I can contact her over any issues that may arise during my placement. She has assisted me with payroll matters and supported me with my role as a one to one with a child that has sevre behavioural problems. This placement has been very challenging to say the least however with my account managers support I am enjoying my placement and looking forward to further opportunities through New Directions.

Ellie – Candidate

I have worked for New Directions since April 2014 and have regular contact with my account manager, either phone calls or text messages on most days, offering me placements of work and checking my availability. I have found her to be very friendly and to have a professional and approachable manner in her work. If I have any worries or queries and she is unavailable, I leave a message for her and she always replies back to these messages straight away with an answer to the queries. I have met my account manager in school and it was lovely to put a face to a voice. She has also made sure that I am aware of any training available to me and offered me places on the courses. Since working with New Directions and my account manager I now feel that I have a selection of regular schools for supply work and that she is readily available at the end of the phone to speak to.

Sharon- Candidate

I have always found my account manager to be professional, polite and warm. She not only only goes out of her way to find me work, but looks for work that is suitable to me as an individual. As a non-driver, it can be difficult for me to get to bookings, she always takes this into account and is incredibly understanding if I ever have to turn down work. As a result New Directions is a company that I feel comfortable in recommending to other teachers. Since joining New Directions I have been very busy with teaching work and I am very grateful for the wide range of schools she has sent me to. She always lets me know if I have had any feedback from schools, which helps me in my professional development as an NQT. As my first point of contact with the company, I find that my account manager is always lovely and friendly and takes an interest in me as a person. She is a pleasure to deal with and nothing is too much trouble.

Alice – Candidate

I know I have only been working with you for a week but with every conversation I have had with you, you have been very helpful and a pleasure to talk to and I have loved the 2 days I have had with you so far. I really like the text I get with the placement and pay details on to and I look forward to more days with you.

Carrie, Teaching Assistant, Denbighshire

My Account Manager has always been approachable, friendly, extremely helpful and professional, not sure we’ve had ‘issues’ per se but I’m sure if we did they would be dealt with in the same manner.

New Directions for me has been an ideal choice as with my health issues it has meant that I can be flexible on the days I work and those which I do not, so many thanks for all your help, support and above all keep the work coming!

Mrs H Sleigh – Supply Staff

New Directions helps me work around the days I am available for work, any problems or issues I have had have been delt with professionaly and with tact.
I have found New Directons to have been the best choice for work as work is always regular and simple to manage.

Miss R Clays – Supply Staff

My Account Manager is very polite and always talks on the phone kindly. She deals with matters sensibly and respectfully. Matters seem to be resolved in good times. I highly reccommend New Directions to anyone looking for Teaching work locally!

Miss J Rees – Supply Staff

My Account Manager was very efficient in dealing with my application to New Directions. The interview process was very well conducted and all of my questions/concerns were answered.

Holly is always very polite and helpful on the phone when arranging school bookings for me. I think that New Directions has been a good choice for me.

Mrs C Evans – Supply Staff

Having been registered with New Directions for a full academic year, I have recieved regular work, feedback and the majority of my time has been spent in long term placements. I’ve been quite lucky in that I haven’t had any problems that need resolving. I think that New Directions are a good company to work for because they have so much work available for candidates.

Miss C Griffiths – Supply Staff

Since being with New Directions everything has run smoothly without any significant problems or issues and I have always found my Account Manager to be a good communicator and very efficient at answering any queries that may arise. I always know I will get a prompt response and I am happy to be working for New Directions.

Mrs V Land – Supply Staff

I have found my Account Manager to be very professional and personable. As a job-seeker I have had access to numerous agencies advertising similar posts.

New Directions were the only agency that got in touch quickly, returned my calls and arranged for the registration process to take place quickly so we could get things moving.

I was eventually contacted by other education agencies but decided that I had complete faith in New Directions and did not need to look further.

Education is a very competitive and candidate driven market so your efficient response and friendly manner to my application has meant that New Directions will gain a new practitioner and you will be able to satisfy your clients needs. In the meantime I benefit from regular work in a variety of settings.

Mrs C Phillips – Supply Staff

My Account Manager made the registration process simple and straight forward. She made it very clear about what documents I needed and what was expected of me. To date I have had no problems.

New Directions has helped me to secure supply work in a range of settings in Wales, England, Primary and Secondary Schools. This was exactly the reason why I wished to do supply to expand my experience. After a booking it is a pleasure to contact my Account Manager to discuss my day. It is for these reasons that I am happy with my Account Manager and New Directions.

Mr S Boffey – Supply Staff

I have found my Account Manager to be very helpful and positive in her approach to my work. I am still in the process of completing the Safeguarding course and so have not worked for New Directions yet, but Holly gave me confidence that she has my best interests at heart and I’m looking forward to representing New Directions in Schools.

Mrs P Solowski – Supply Staff

My Account Manager has always come across as very helpful and approachable. I haven’t had any problems since being with New Directions but if I did have a problem I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her. She regularly contact me with work. I have only done supply through New Directions and I amhappy with the way I have been treated.

Mrs J Price – Supply Staff

New Directions are the best choice for work because they have regular work and any questions I ask my Account Manager I have recieved fast resolutions. She is very informative during the registration and when offering bookings. All information given is very clear and she has helped explain online services for the DBS and Web Portal where I can find my payslips and booking details.

I like that New Directions offer free training courses as it’s very important to me that I keep learning new skills, broaden my knowledge and keep upto date with any changes in legislation.

My Account Manager has helped register my DBS on the Update Service and introduce me to a variety of Schools.

In my opinion, New Directions has enabled me to use my passion everyday helping children with their educaton and building their confidence to enable them to succeed and help fufil their dreams.

Mrs B Wierzbicka – Supply Staff

My Account Manager was professional and friendly during the interview process. Communication via phone and email and has been prompt and informative. On the one occasion when there was a mix up and I turned up at a school that no longer needed me, Holly was extremely apologetic and I was booked into the same school the next time they needed someone.

The result of this was that I had over a weeks work in a primary school. I established a good relationship with staff and pupils and they have since asked me back to provide supply on a regular basis.

I have so far been impressed by the service. Everyone has been professional, helpful and efficient. I received all the information and paperwork I needed in order to begin work early in September. The feedback sheets work very well as does the online system.

Miss D Fitrzyk – Supply Staff

As I’ve only recently joined New Directions I can only comment on your professional approach regards assignments. You thoroughly explain the assignment and send the relevant information quickly (more so than the two other agencies I am registered with). Also, the use of text messages to back up phone calls I may have missed is highly effective (and appreciated).

Mrs B Eyeington – Supply Staff

I have been very happy with my Account Manager she has been helpful and supportive in finding me regualar work in Primary Schools. Any queries have been dealt with efficiently. I am happy with the service my Account Manager has provided me with.

Mrs K Dodd, Supply Staff

My account manager has always been very attentive and has listened to what I wanted from a recruitment agency. From the original interview she has always matched assignments to my skils and has valued my expertise in education. She has informed me when they have been visiting schools to take my details with them and I like the fact that work is always close to where I live. Also the fact that once I got a contract for mornings she still found me work in the afternoons close by. I also appreciate the fact that my account manager recognised that I don’t always have my phone with me and has trusted me to carry out bookings. The fact that this company also has a holiday payment scheme is fantastic as in the past with other agencies it has been a struggle to cover holidays when the schools are closed and training courses are available relevant to current issues.

All in a fantastic company with brilliant staff well worthy of recognition for the fantastic job they do!

Maria, Supply Staff

I would like to say that I have enjoyed my work placements from when I started with New Directions . The staff always seem pleasant.

Elin, Supply Staff

I have been exceptionally lucky to have Kathryn as my account manager. Currently, my availability is limited at the moment due to works going on in the house and health issues. Despite this, you have always been able to find work that fits around my availability which is fantastic. She is extremely personable and patient, qualities which I think are necessary for this role. Always positive and helpful. I am so grateful for her on going support. Ms Sonia.


Candidate testimonial – Sonia

I have worked with New Directions for over a year now. I have only had one issue with New Directions relating to the pay structure. I was informed by other employees that their pay was different to mine. I called to speak to my account manager who was very approachable and put me at ease as I am not comfortable in these situations. She explained the pay structure to me and also reassured me that my pay would be looked at again in the near future. I was uncomfortable making the call but relieved after speaking to her. I felt that Rebecca had the relevant knowledge to answer my query while also putting me at ease. I would certainly speak to her if I have any other issues with New Directions.

Angela – Testimonial

I cannot praise Rebecca my account manager enough, I am currently going into my third year with New Directions. I cannot comment on one particular incident as there have been numerous occasions that Rebecca has been the best, most helpful, professional and friendly I could have.

Rebecca always goes out of her way firstly to listen to your requests, preferences for work or problems. She then acts promptly to resolve any issues immediately and professionally until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Rebecca always tries to match you to your preferred school and I know is extremely had working finding the work and selling us as teachers in he first place.

Recently I have had home issues. Rebecca was a sympathetic listening ear, made me feel at ease taking the week of at a busy time of year. Rebecca then booked the week off for me, checked on me in the week and has now prioritised me for work next week knowing I have a week without waged.
Rebecca always keeps my work local within a short drive knowing I have children and am a single parent.

In short I cannot praise Rebecca enough and would recommend her for any promotion. I wish her the very best of luck.

Aged 45- Primary Teacher – Denbighshire

Candidate Testimonial

Whilst planning my wedding I spoke to Rebecca my account manager at New Directions who provided me with constant employment to allow me financial stability at a stressful time of my life.

She would think of my needs and contact me whenever work became available. Knowing I would be financially secure allowed me to concentrate on other aspects of the wedding.

Rebecca is an extremely loyal employer who cares about the welfare of her staff. This loyalty helps develop a loyal employee, one who would recommend New Directions to any aspiring teachers, safe in the knowledge that they would be well supported.

Rebecca is always polite, welcoming and professional. She can deal with all situations put before her, no matter how stressful, and still remain a sense of calm professionalism about her.

Paul – Primary Teacher – Denbighshire

Candidate Testimonial

As a supply teacher I would like to say that I was in a situation recently where to wanted to ‘up’ my number of days of work per week due to my financial situation, and due to my account managers excellent relationship with schools she was able to place me in schools which I really enjoyed working in – well done and carry on the good work.

Jennifer – Primary Teacher

Candidate Testimonial

Rebecca Macintyre is my Account Manager at New Directions in Wrexham.

Rebecca is a very professional, efficient, organised, and friendly person who is always proactive in her approach in finding work for myself in schools based in Conwy and Denbighshire.

Examples of her ability to resolve queries are as follows:

1. I needed help sorting out my Travel and Subsistence allowance. Rebecca acknowledged the query and explained clearly how the allowance worked which resulted in the query being resolved immediately. I asked Rebecca for help with this issue because of her knowledge and experience.

2. I needed to increase the amount of supply assignments I was being placed on with New Directions. I discussed this with Rebecca and she resolved the issue by ensuring that the volume of assignments that I was being placed on increased. I asked Rebecca for her help with this matter because of her professionalism and ability to help.

Candidate Testimonial

Rebecca has been my account manager since August 2015. I first met Rebecca in August at my interview where she made me feel very welcome and a part of the company.
Rebecca, with help from her colleagues, has been successful in finding teaching and supporting jobs for me.

The only issue that I have had is a missed half day of work as the school did not notify the office. When the omission was noticed, I emailed Rebecca as soon as possible, and a few days later (as this occurred over a weekend), Rebecca has contacted me to let me know that she would try to rectify the issue immediately. This has been dealt with swiftly.

I have found Rebecca to be very approachable and easy to keep in contact with.

Candidate Testimonial

I have only recently registered with New Directions and therefore have not had a huge amount of contact with them just yet, but would like to share my positive experience. My application process was dealt with smoothly and quickly and I was contacted regular through the process. On the occasions when I have spoken to my account manager I have found them to be most helpful and professional.

Shirley – Key Stage Two Teacher – Conwy

Candidate Testimonial

Working with Rebecca as my account manager is an absolute pleasure. She’s always got plenty of work for me and she is very understanding if something has crept up for example, I do work direct with a school and if can’t work on a particular day then she’s very understanding, polite and patient, and she will then wait until I am available. She’s also approachable and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her if I had any problems.

Rebecca was very polite when i started working for ND and made me feel comfortable straight away! She’s a credit to your team in the Wrexham branch and I will look forward to carrying on working with her and all the tam.

Siwan – Teacher – County Denbighshire

Candidate Testimonial

Since joining New Directions in September I have been very impressed with all of the aspects New Directions has to offer. My account manager is a pleasure to work with and is always friendly, helpful and welcoming when she phones in the mornings. All of the staff I have dealt with over the phone have gone out of their way to be friendly and helpful and I know I can phone with any query or worry and it will be dealt with efficiently and effectively.

The online system for logging in is easy to use, navigate and interpret, and the online training was very useful and helped eliminate worries and answered a lot of questions before I started in the school’s

All of the schools I have working in have been friendly and the staff have gone out of their way to show me routines, staff rooms and other necessary things throughout the school day.

Overall I am very happy and satisfied that I joined new directions.

Becky, Supply Staff

My account manager has been great. She has been in touch at every stage of my registration and made sure I was aware with what was happening with my file. With regards to work my account manager is in touch regularly and is approachable if I have any issues. She has given me the opportunity to go to new schools with the age groups which I enjoy teaching. My experience with New Directions has been positive.

Rebecca – candidate

I have been thrilled with my account manager and all the staff at wrexham they were very helpful in getting my account up and running. They were also very understanding about my needs and offered lots of helpful advise. My account rang me daily when setting up my first placement with encouragement and support.

Highlight of working with New Directions: The highlight of my placement has been the staff and children. The school I currently work in have made me feel welcome on my first day. Also I did’nt think I would be able to do the job I love with the hours I can do but New Directions have ticked all the boxes when finding me a placement thats near with suitable hours and a long term placement.

Would recommend New Directions? : Yes

Additional comments about New Directions:

My account manager put me at ease from the word go and helped me every step of the way finding a suitable placement within a week of joining. I know I can ring with any concerns and she will help and advise me, thank you.

Ellie – Candidate

Although I have been working with my account manager only in the last two months, I think she is an excellent account manager. She is a kind and nice person and she has been most helpful and understanding in finding placements to suit my personal circumstances. Thank you. Raquel.

Raquel – Candidate

On a couple of occasions New Directions have not been informed that I was working an extra day or so at the school I am currently at. This resulted in me being unable to submit a time sheet for all the days worked by the end of the week. Like many, I have bills to pay, so insuring I get paid correctly is important.

Rebecca has always dealt with these issues quickly and made it as hassle free as possible for myself.

Rebecca has excellent interpersonal skills and is extremely approachable. If I have any questions, she is always the first person I wish to contact. Rebecca has also offered lots of advice regarding what the agency has to offer outside the regular in school supply work, which has been extremely helpful and has promoted the company well.

Anya – Denbighshire Primary School Teacher

Rebecca has always been willing to help whenever there has been an issue. I didn’t have much work to start with and Rebecca always made sure I felt like a priority to get work.

When there was issues with no planning left at a school and expectations from school and Rebecca were different regarding the placement, Rebecca quickly resolved the issue with the school and myself.

When issues regarding the web portal or booking confirmations, Rebecca quickly resolved them once notified. Rebecca quickly discussed issues with the school and was very reassuring whenever a phone call was made to discuss placements.

Rebecca is always reassuring and pleasant when speaking to her in the phone, and I feel confident issues will be resolved efficiently.

She is also my booking agent and building a rapport has definitely helped to discuss issues in confidence. Rebecca always portrays experience when discussing issues and expectations which is reassuring for an NQT like myself.

Alexandra – Primary Teacher – Denbighshire

My experience with New Directions has been excellent. Rebecca, as my account manager is always very professional and approachable. I have no issues regarding pay, bookings or finding schools and Rebecca has always been very informative and helpful.

Since joining New Directions I have been very busy with supply work in a variety of different schools and with different age ranges which has given me a great amount of experience. I have secured 2 long term supply positions with the help of Rebecca at New Directions and I am very grateful to Rebecca for this.

Overall my experience with New Directions is very positive and I would have no hesitation in recommending Rebecca for further new and challenging roles within New Directions.

Bethany – Primary Teacher – Conwy

I can’t recall having any problems or issues in my dealings with my account manager or New Directions in general that have required resolution. I have always found you helpful and efficient when booking me work: texts and emails have arrived promptly, with all the relevant information required to get to schools, knowing exactly what work I was needed for and who I needed to speak to.

Colin – Teacher – Denbighshire

My work with New Directions and in particular Rebecca has always been very positive. What I appreciate most about working with Rebecca is her professionalism, dedication and commitment to everyone; the company, the schools and the supply teachers.

Rebecca is very understanding to different personal commitments and offers excellent advice and detailed information. I am always happy with the amount of work I receive.

I know from first hand experience that schools like to communicate directly with Rebecca with their bookings as she offers a fantastic service and schools feel confident in her work.

Eleanor – Primary Teacher – Denbighshire

For the past few years I have worked for New Directions Education in the capacity of primary teacher. I have always found Rebecca, my Account Manager to be extremely friendly, courteous and efficient.

She has been pro-active in finding suitable posts for me, and promptly answered any queries I may have had. I have been thoroughly satisfied with the service provided by Rebecca.

Heather – Primary Teacher – Denbighshire

I am writing this testimonial to give my highest possible recommendation for my Account Manager in the Wrexham Branch. I know Rebecca through her work as my account manager for New Directions.

I first met Rebecca at my interview in the Wrexham office in June 2015 where she described the general outline of the work on offer. She made me feel very comfortable within the interview situation with her mature, sensitive nature and her bubbly personality. Her interpersonal skills were excellent and she ran the interview with ease and confidence asking relevant questions and providing information about the company.

Since then Rebecca has continued to support me in several ways. As a teacher who is relatively new to the area I spoke to Rebecca about my concern about not knowing the schools or the Welsh Curriculum. I told her that I lacked the confidence to go straight into the schools as a teacher and asked if it was possible to work as a Teacher Assistant to familiarise myself with both areas of concern. Rebecca listened to my needs and introduced me to a colleague who helped find suitable placements for me.

Rebecca has also been pro-active by ringing me and asking how I am finding things and which role is my preference at the moment. She has been able to support my work in an enthusiastic and empathetic manner demonstrating good knowledge of suitable schools and work which suits my needs.

In summary, Rebecca is an organised, confident manager who understands the needs of her teachers by listening carefully to them and then finding the relevant placements.

Jennifer – Primary Teacher – Denbighshire

I was approached by my account manger from New Directions after she had come across my CV on another website online. She started the conversation by asking if I was looking for more teaching work and explained how the company could help me achieve this. The telephone conversation resulted in myself and my account manager arranging a meeting to discuss joining New Directions. She was very friendly and informative during the phone call which made me very excited about finding out more information about the company.

During the meeting I found all of the team very welcoming. I was shown numerous leaflets and my account manager explained all of the forms clearly that I had to complete. She kept checking I understood the information in the leaflet and checking I didn’t have any questions. I found the experience very pleasant and thought my account manager was fantastic at explaining the information regarding payslips, availability and other online tasks that would need to be completed when working for New Directions.

After completing the forms my account manager kept me up to date by texting and calling me. She explained that my application had been completed and that she was discussing me with possible schools to try and get me work. My account manager has given me lots of opportunity to work and is constantly trying to find more work.

I would recommend New Directions to other supply teachers because of the positive experience I have had with the company and the outstanding service given by the employees.

Rebecca, Supply Teacher

I am so pleased I went with New Directions supply agency out of all of the other supply agencies as they offer service at a personal level and treat each teacher as an individual.

My account manager has been very helpful and has tried really hard to get me work each and everyday. She doesn’t just try and find me any work she looks at what I need to grow as a teacher and does her very best to help. I was particularly wanting to try all ages including  higher key stage to gain more experience.

My account manager has given me these opportunities and I now feel comfortable in all key stages within primary school. Not only this but she is very understandable and will listen and help whenever I have emailed or phoned. I am always pleased to talk to her and feel very comfortable when I need to ask advice or anything else.

If I was to recommend a friend I would do this without any doubt and recommend my account manager most definitely! She is caring, bubbly and it always feels like she has time to talk and always asks for feedback about my day to help me further. Whenever I have a split day she always makes sure it is do-able so there is no rushing and professionalism at each school is key. The text messages she sends helps a lot and is my main communication and my account manager is always happy to do this. I wouldn’t change this agency and I am so grateful for all the help and support.

Amy, Supply Teacher

I was looking for a new career in Primary school, having worked the past 9 years in a playgroup setting. I saw a job advertised in a local school and phoned up to enquire.

It was straight forward to apply, having spoken to a lady in Wrexham, who arranged an interview for me. I supplied my information on references and my DBS was sorted out.

My experiences with New Directions have been and are still outstanding. Some days and long term placements have been very challenging. I am gaining from working in Early Years all the way though to Year 6 children including Special Needs children which is my passion.

I have and are still achieving good positive results in my work as a teaching assistant, One to one cover for children with different disabilities, ranging form Autism (current work), Severe learning disabilities and ADHD.

Having a new Accounts Manager is making working for New Directions a pleasure. My Account Manager is very polite, friendly and easy to get on with. I feel as if l have known her for years. We have a good relationship on the phone, regarding work that she continues to find me. We discuss with each other the different school roles that become available, and which best suit me in different areas of Flintshire. She gives me good feedback on my work in the primary sector. She has awarded me in October with “Employer of the Month” which l am still greatly honoured to have been achieved. Thank you to once again for all her hard work back in The Wrexham branch. She is a good asset to your company.

To sum up in 3 words – Outstanding, Challenging, Rewarding

Alison, Supply Staff

I have been taking primary school supply work from my account manager since the beginning of October 2015. During this time I have found her to be: helpful, supportive and efficient. She has been understanding, professional and has endeavoured to provide me with suitable employment through New Directions Education.

Andrew- Candidate

From the moment I met my account manager at New Directions, when she interviewed me, I have found her to be extremely professional. At the interview she was careful to check all my paperwork and to find out exactly the kind of work I was looking for. She understood that I could only offer certain days and was very encouraging, assuring me that wouldn’t be a problem.

Since then she has been an excellent account manager, keeping in touch and has offered me as much work as I can do. She has also taken note of the places I prefer to work and those that I have felt didn’t suit me.

I find she is nearly always available to speak with, or phones back without fail if she is out of the office. My online account is always accurate and up to date.

At the same time as being professional and good at what she does, she is also friendly and I feel extremely blessed to have her as my account manager at New Directions.

Janet, Supply Staff

I have been very happy with all the information and guidance from my account manager since joining New Directions in the summer. The Interview process with my account manager was thorough, professional and nothing was to much trouble. When the Wrexham Pool shut I thought I would really struggle for work, but my account manager could not have been more helpful and reassuring. I have also had a few queries when using the portal New Directions provide and my account manager is always there to help. I hope she continues to look after me in the future.

Susan, Supply Staff

After qualifying as a teacher in July 2014, I registered with three supply teaching agencies who all offered the prospect of supply work within my local area. I received regular work through all three agencies, and a long term assignment with one particular agency for the 2015 summer term. However, although I appreciated the work, I found the service I received from the alternative agencies to be more geared towards their needs than mine. I always found Rebecca to be extremely personable and professional, and focussed on ensuring that any placements offered to me considered my personal needs, as well as those of the school and New Directions. As a direct result of Rebecca’s professionalism in her role as my account manager, I have actively decided to make New Directions my first choice agency.

Rebecca has been very supportive during my NQT induction period, and has skilfully matched placements to my experience and strengths, allowing me to develop professionally. My decision to select New Directions as my preferred agency has resulted in high quality placements within my local area, several of which have brought about repeat and ongoing bookings. I am extremely pleased with my decision, and since the start of the Autumn term, I have purposely worked solely for New Directions.

Eleanor – Primary Teacher

Eleanor – Primary Teacher Testimonial

I have been teaching through New Directions since May 2012, the only Agency I work with.

During my time you have been pro-active in finding me work in the Primary Schools in and around Denbighshire and especially the Vale of Clwyd closer to my home, which has been so useful and convenient.

My account manager has demonstrated her knowledge and experience on occasions when explaining the update services for the ‘Disclosures’ , holiday pay and bookings. This has been very clear and helpful.

If there has ever been issues with the schools,your communication skills have been polite, positive and friendly. She possesses an excellent ability to sort things out quickly, leaving everyone happy.

I have always found her supportive and lovely to talk to on the phone when we liaise for school bookings, you have the gift of giving ‘the feel good factor’, for which I would like to thank her.

I hope I can continue having you as my accounts manager in 2016.

Primary Teacher – Testimonal

Rebecca always responds to any questions I have very quickly, and keeps in touch on a regular basis to ensure placements are going smoothly. Important information pertaining to the placement is always passed on, and is particularly useful as it enables me to be effectively prepared for the cover work. This means that I can target the specific requirements of the placement so they are mutually beneficial. Rebecca also takes into account journey/travel times for short notice cover work.

During September it was initially quite quiet, however Rebecca always did her best to try and find me bookings, and advised on strategies to implement to ensure I got repeat bookings (which were successful as I returned to certain schools several times).

Christian – Testimonial

I have been with New Directions for just over a year and my account manager my first point of contact in Wrexham and has worked with me ever since.
On the few occasions I have had queries, usually due to a school amending a booking whilst on site, she has got straight back to me and amended any bookings straight away. She has always kept me informed of any changes or amendment to bookings so that I have all the correct information before going into schools.
I have never contemplated using anyone else because she has been so good with me. Regardless of the query or issue she is on top of it very quickly and keeps me in the loop.

Alistair – Testimonial

My contact in New Directions is a very approachable and friendly account manager. She is very professional when securing bookings and always manages to find the “best fit” for staff and the schools we teach in.

She is always in contact and uses all mediums to contact me and to make sure that I have received the message about forthcoming work.

She also understands when I am not available for work, due to family commitments etc and doesn’t pester or make me feel obliged to take work.

For example, she asked me to work in a school in Prestatyn recently and I accepted the work. However once I had thought about the logistics of getting to the school, which was about an hour away from home. I knew that it would require me having to ask grandparents to step in and sit with my children and get them ready for school; I decided that it would be too difficult to attend work. I phoned her back and explained my situation. She was very understanding and told me not to worry she would find a replacement. I appreciated her understanding and professionalism.

Lindsay – Testimonial

I have always found my Account Manager to be polite, friendly, warm, professional and helpful. I usually talk to her on the telephone at least three times a week regarding work and bookings. She always keeps me busy, and for this I am very grateful.

When any issues have arose, she has always dealt with them swiftly and professionally. She always returns my calls and listens to what I have to say. Should an occasion occur on which I ask a question that she can’t answer, she always assures me that she will find out and get back to me; which she does very quickly.

She is always proactive in finding me work, and is a pleasure to deal with and talk to. She is very knowledgeable and always ensures that I am happy with my work, pay and school placements.

Thank you for your hard work. It is much appreciated.


Jonathan, Testimonial

I came to New Directions at the start of the year from another agency. It is fair to say, I did not have a good opinion of agencies at this point. On meeting my Account Manager, I was put at ease immediately and felt reassured by her approachability, knowledge and experience. I find her to be very helpful and understanding with placements always ensuring I feel happy with what I have been asked to do.

During busy times, Rebecca does ensure I get work each week. Likewise, there are times I have been unavailable due to family commitments or illness and I have been able to rest assured knowing I will not be made to feel awful if I am unable to work for any reason. Whenever I have had an queries, they are answered quickly and sorted effectively. I have full confidence in knowing Rebecca will help me with any issues that may occur and provide relevant help and advice when requested.

Naomi Bannaghan – Testimonial

In the time I have worked for New Directions I have found my account manager to be an excellent one. She has been supportive and helpful, and has always made sure my bookings run smoothly. She is approachable and always prepared to talk through anything I may want to discuss with her. She manages my placements in school with professional efficiency, and always does her best for me. I know that if I had any issues or problems, she would definitely do everything she could to help me.

Natalie Berry – Testmonial

I would recommend the service of my account manager and the team at New Directions. I felt that the registration process was very thorough but did not take long to complete. My account manager was very professional at the interview and I feel that I have developed a good relationship with her. I was immediately placed in a lovely local school where I am very happy and I look forward to other placements.

Anita Tilley

My experience of New Directions and my Account Manager has been a positive one. She is friendly and polite and sends information regarding placements through as soon as I am off the phone. Recently I have had regular work through her and am happy that she is working to introduce me to a number of schools and to secure me placements where possible.

Michelle Williams

Everyone is really helpful, organised and you genuinely feel like the staff at New Directions care about the people working for them as well as what the schools want. I’ve had work almost every day and the online systems are really easy to use. Talking to other people in staff rooms everyone speaks well of New Directions which is definitely in contrast to some of the experiences others have had at different agencies. The interview process was easy as I didn’t have to travel very far and it was reassuring that so much care was taken with compliance issues.

Special thanks to you my account manager you’re fab at your job and have been really supportive right from day one.

Jenny Roberts Testimonial

I’ve never worked for New Directions before, but when I moved to Wales from Yorkshire, there was no question who I would turn to when looking for work. They’ve been great!

All of my dealings with New Directions have been through my account manager, she has been fantastic with assisting me to update my DBS. Also with my placement in Schools, the schools I have been sent to have been selected well and I’ve really enjoyed working with a variety of people.

The best thing about working for New Directions is the flexibility.

Suzzanne Wheeler

Your service has been excellent thank you. Interview was thorough and efficient and chasing up references was proactive.
The agency always have somebody available to talk to and there is a good supply of work so far. Thanks!

Kirsy Ashton

When I attended my interview I was made to feel very welcome by my account manager and the other staff I came in to contact with.

I was given all the information I would need about joining New Directions, the process was explained clearly and my questions answered well.

I was contacted by phone by Sarah on a regular basis to update me on my application and when a position became available she went through the details of the role and once again answered my questions.

Since starting the position I have received emails and text messages about courses and work opportunities. I have also been visited by my account manager at school.

Amanda Liddiard

I am very happy with the support you have given me with arranging for supply cover for Teaching Assistants this year, often at short notice. The candidates you have provided have been of a good calibre who are reliable, have fitted in well and provided the appropriate support to the College during their time with us. This was also demonstrated in the feedback you asked me to provide on each candidate. It was also positive to hear that candidates also enjoyed their experience of working at the College.

I also find you to be helpful and timely in your responses to me.

Louise Scothorn – Shrewsbury sixth form college – Business Manager

I have been working for quite some time now and I must say that Sarah has been fantastic in supporting me getting into work, there when I’ve needed help or when I’ve needed to discuss anything.

I have been given the opportunity to work in several schools and am always given enough time to reach destinations when calls come through.

It is a pleasure working for New directions, the team are able to take any calls if Sarah hasn’t been available and solve any queries or problems that I have had.

My account manager is regularly in contact making sure things are ok with the school I am at or anything else to do with work.

Tracy Cooke

From my very first phone call with my account manager at New Directions she has been fantastic.

My account manager is organised, determined and brilliant at communication cannot fault her. She really is brilliant at her job and dedicated to looking after her clients.

Long may the workload continue.

I would definitely recommend New Directions Education to friends and family.


Nikki Cookson

Nikki Cookson

Over the years I have worked for five teaching agencies. Therefore I have a wide experience of dealing with staff. Against this background I can clearly state that my Account Manager can be compared most favourably. Fluent in Welsh and English, my Account Manager is always in the office on time, for early morning calls.

Her manner is without exception, polite and helpful and never curt. With professional skill, my Account Manager goes the extra mile to fit me into the most suitable booking, and is always open in her advice and flexible.

My Account Manager has the gift of making you feel, that you are her only client, plus she has a pleasant sense of humour. As a New Directions employee, my Account Manager certainly gives value of money to her employers.

Candidate Testimonial

Since qualifying as a teacher in 2010, the team at Wrexham New Directions have been fantastic. They have regularly provided me with work in my local area which has helped build my confidence in my teaching, and at tackling new challenges.

Without New Directions I would find it extremely difficult to find regular work and as a consequence would possibly have to give up teaching as a career. New Directions is and always has been the only teaching agency I have signed up to. I am completely satisfied with my Account Manager and what the Wrexham branch are doing for me at the moment.

My Account Manager is always friendly and bubbly on the phone (even at 7:30am!!!) and has a fantastic personal approach. I would definitely recommend my fellow NQTs to sign up to the Wrexham branch of New Directions.

Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) Testimonial

I am a candidate at the Wrexham branch of New Directions Education. Over the last academic year, my Account Manager has been very friendly, approachable and supportive in her role. She has found me regular work and repeat bookings throughout the year.

My Account Manager has good relationships with the schools she looks after. She frequently reports back to me with feedback from the schools I have worked within, and equally asks me for my feedback on the school. This has helped me gain confidence in my work.

Supply Teacher, Coedpoeth, Wrexham

My Account Manager is very enthusiastic and is always keen to find candidates work. She always comes up with new work when assignments are coming to an end. She keeps in touch with everybody, and always lets us know if there are any issues or queries with pay or bookings.

My Account Manager is a pleasure to speak to on the other end of a phone.

Supply Teacher, Wrexham